SEO Professionals: What Separates Them from Amateurs

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In a world where posturing doesn’t pay the bills and results define the scope of SEO competence. What are some of the genuine SEO factors that separate amateur SEO’s from professional SEO companies; meaning those capable of producing stellar results regardless of the competition, market or keywords? What Separates Professional SEO's from Fly-by-Night Amateurs? Knowing Read More

SEO: Moving Past Just Rankings

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is based on the premise of acquiring search engine rankings, yet rankings alone are not the solution to increased sales conversion. Just like PPC (pay per click marketing) it’s the same search engine delivering traffic from two different types of visitors. SEO, Digital Asset Optimization and Understanding the Sales Funnel The Read More

Keeping SEO Natural

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Don’t be tempted by quick results in search engines. It is better to keep your technique and SEO approach natural when targeting competitive keywords. One trend I have noticed pertaining to search engine optimization that still persists is the inability to grasp time lines for organic or natural optimization. Granted, we live in an I Read More

Reviving The Long Tail of SEO

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Depending on how far along in the sales cycle a consumer is, the keywords they use to find products or services in search engines drastically vary. Statistically, someone “closer to purchasing” in the sales cycle use a very specific array of modifiers such as mfg., make, model number, color of the item or ideal store Read More