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What is your take on hiring a company to perform SEO Services for your website?

When you think about SEO (search engine optimization) and SEO Consulting, what comes to mind?

  • Companies trying to convince you how for ONLY $15,000 you can afford their services to tweak your site.
  • Perhaps a busy corporate environment full of pocket protector laden lads sporting a thick pair of glasses with a penchant for typing 120 words per minute, knowledge of 12 computer languages and a blatant coffee addiction.
  • Or Even worse, a room full of cubicle’s with a stack full of cookie cutter SEO by the dots optimization checklists and nubile new hires executing the list like trained monkeys.
  • There is a reason why any of the above concepts come to mind due to the fact that the nature of the SEO / website optimization industry has been cloaked in mystery since it’s inception. Fortunately for most, the times have changed. in today’s day and age with so many professionals to select from, customers deserve the right to know what are the intentions of the SEO company are.

    If clients are expected to turn over the keys to their hard earned virtual baby (the website) then they need to know that you assuredly are going to treat it with the respect and regard it deserves.

    I know many businesses are a hesitant when they think about SEO Services, due to bad press or SEO companies who have given the industry a black eye. Just as in any industry, there are going to be a few bad eggs, but with the costs of SEO rising due to demand and the competitive nature of online business, SEO is more than just a passing fad, it’s a necessity for most companies as internet sales are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising in existence. Just keep in mind that It’s not the size of the organization, it’s the thoroughness of the specialist optimizing your site that is in question.

    Check their references, look for their website in the SERPs (search engine result pages) and perform a bit of due diligence before signing on the dotted line with any SEO company, it’s your responsibility to your business. Being able to establish the right tone when dealing with potential SEO’s is paramount since it’s really about more than just a website, it’s about the relationship you are seeking to develop.

    A wise and successful CEO once told me “sometimes there is a slight difference between something that really works, and something that looks like it really works, being able to distinguish the difference is what makes any venture successful”.

    That message really stuck with me over time and I felt appropriate sharing it to summarize the next point. The right action supported by the right strategy is the essence of any true professional SEO optimizer. Whereas in this case, the right keywords supported by the right SEO can determine the effectiveness of your rankings.

    So, don’t be afraid to be informed, perform some research on your own to familiarize yourself with Search Engine Optimization of course knowing when to trust the professionals and when to ask questions is another thing entirely, but if you have a website and it is starving for traffic, it may be time to call in an SEO consultant that can clearly address what is prohibiting your website from gaining traction in the search engines as well as provide a solution to your online visibility dilemma for a reasonable price. Make sure they are ethical and note that, the do no harm moniker must be more than just an afterthought or a catchy slogan, it needs to be the basis of the protocol they employ when making adjustments to your website.

    If an SEO company is asking for more than $7000 to optimize a website under 30 pages, you may wish to shop around. Cheaper is not always better, but there is a limit to what is considered ethical as far as pricing goes.

    SEO is never a one and done scenario, once the process starts it may take months to achieve the desired effect (this is why the pricing is typically so high). The upside of course is that one your keywords are anchored in your industry, a steady influx of traffic is nearly guaranteed. What happens after they get there is another topic entirely, but essentially you are paying for the countless hours of coding time, revision to link architecture, on page text revisions, link optimization and a whole slew of 4 syllable words that no one should have to remember offhand.

    Just make sure that if you want the best SEO Services in the land, you might want to brush up on the basics so you will have a leg to stand on if something goes awry. Also, make sure that everything is clearly defined as far as what services are expected of the SEO company and what things are not included in the initial fee.

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