The Practical SEO Guide: Part 2

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Taking up where we left off yesterday in the Practical, Tactical SEO Guide Part I, next up in the SEO Guide Series is template selection. Choosing the right template for the right task is one of the most underrated SEO techniques, which can either rank or tank a site. The Practical SEO Guide The templates Read More

The Practical SEO Guide: Part 1

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We receive dozens of questions about SEO each day, so, we decided to create an informative, practical and tactical SEO Guide. The Practical SEO Guide You have to know what to build, why to build it and where to start when structuring your SEO campaign if you want to avoid lackluster returns or results which Read More

Get More Traffic Without Search Engines

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Searching for effective off the beaten path alternatives to search engine traffic? Why let search engine algorithms or rankings deter you, when you can harness multiple traffic sources to reach the same audience? Get More Traffic Without Search Engines Today’s post looks at alternative traffic sources that can deliver more visitors through augmenting websites that Read More

Warning! Search Engine Algorithm Changes Detected!

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When rankings vacillate and a website loses position for a conversion-critical keyword, it can be sheer pandemonium for businesses owners, corporate giants or affiliates alike. Surviving Shifts in Search Engine Algorithms There are three things to be said about SEO and search engines (1) they work together wonderfully (like Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate) and Read More

Domain Web Studio (DWS) 2.5 Released

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The long awaited Domain Web Studio Update to Version 2.5 is now live and out of beta. Watch the video as Matt DaCruz reveals the magnificent power of DWS and its dominant market-crushing power. Can you use this tool with traditional keyword research tools? Absolutely, if you have access to any keyword research tool (Krakken, Read More

Top Local SEO Blogs You Should Know About

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Getting your business listings to the top of Google Maps and local search results is a challenge in its own right. I’ve done my share of optimizations for Google Maps and the trick is to create a kick ass listing that shames the rest of them while making it appear and look natural. Trust me, Read More

WP Ultimate Theme Underway by SEO Design Solutions

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For those of you currently using SEO Ultimate our Free WordPress SEO Plugin, this is a heads-up to let you know that  SEO Design Solutions is developing a companion WordPress theme to complement it amply named “The WP Ultimate Theme”. WP Ultimate Theme Underway by SEO Design Solutions The idea is simple, your website should Read More

On Page vs. Off Page SEO

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Just like the argument of which came first the chicken or the egg, in SEO circles, the question over which type of optimization (on page or off page SEO) is more important has echoed as a debate for years. On Page Vs. Off Page SEO While this post could easily tip in either direction, let’s Read More

Value Propositions that Convert

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Can you remember the excitement of your last purchase for something you really wanted? Almost like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa Claus, there is nothing like finding a great deal and making a purchase online. Appealing to Savvy Online Shoppers When emotion is the driving force, time disappears and the addictive side of Read More

Brand Traffic: Corralling Branded-Search for Affiliate Opportunities

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For seasoned affiliates, there’s nothing revolutionary about the concept of targeting “brand traffic” or corralling “brand-driven searches” to send traffic to affiliate offers. While Pay Per Click Marketing has brand-name bidding limitations, SEO as a conversion mechanism (on the contrary)  has promise. Targeting "Brand Driven Searches" for Affiliate Revenue The premise is simple; do you Read More

SEO Tips for Data Feed Optimization and Dynamic Data

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Performing search engine optimization for dynamically generated websites that use a database or feed that feature thousands and thousands of stock kept units (S.K.U’s), product brand/make or model numbers requires a different tact than optimizing a website for a phonetic keywords or key phrase. Dealing with Dynamic Data and Duplication Even though model numbers are Read More

An Obvious Fault in the SEOmoz Difficulty Tool

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Something every webmaster wants to know is how competitive their keyword terms are in the bigger scheme of things. Especially if you spend hundreds if not thousands with Google’s Adwords advertising tool. How Accurate is the SEO Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool? Let’s say you are building a niche site on the topic of “personal loans.” Read More