Diversify Your Product Offering and Target Demographics

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It’s common to see businesses obsessed with their “target demographic”. Tunnel vision leads them to blindly chase after a specific niche and pin their hopes and dreams that this ideal consumer will come knocking on the door. The problem lies in competitive markets, where the target demographic is faced with a slew of options due Read More

Conversion Optimization – “Increase Conversion” Not Just Traffic

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Aside from search engine optimization, conversion optimization is a topic that anyone striving in a competitive marketplace should be familiar with. So often, businesses tend to look past the traffic their website already receives and thinks of online marketing, advertising and ROI as simply a numbers game. If increasing trust and revenue is your objective, Read More

Considerations for Online Marketing, Advertising and Promotion

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On a fundamental level, marketing and promoting products or services online is no different than traditional off-line PR and promotion. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or service, you need to advertise to get the word out and create a buzz about your product or service to quickly communicate benefits in order Read More

What Happens When Search Engines Update the Indexing Process?

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Just wanted to pose an interesting question? What happens when search engines change their relevance model?, (change happens). When you consider SEO and search engine relevance, what matters most is getting in the search index and maintaining an upward trajectory. So, before you hit the panic button when your sites rankings take on a new Read More

Website Analysis: SEO Starts with a Thorough Analysis

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SEO starts with a thorough analysis of the website to conclude which aspects of your site need optimization. Why let coding errors or poor site architecture impact rankings for the worse? With search engine algorithms changing daily, there are no guarantees that the immunity you have today (from a favorable pat on the back) will Read More

SEO is Not The Only Solution

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Search engine optimization is not the only solution, SEO, like a tool, serves a very specific purpose and function, which is to increase exposure for your website. However, just because you gain exposure and drive traffic to a page or a website, does not ensure success alone. Factors such as usability (navigation, image placement, font Read More

Content and Conversion: Don’t Miss The Boat With New Visitors

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Don’t “miss the boat” when it comes to new visitors and increasing website traffic. The competition is fierce for attention and user engagement, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. Each person online has a unique way they move about the web with a plethora of digital options. Some surf for Read More

Choosing the Best Keywords for SEO

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There are three ingredients for a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign (1) keyword selection (2) visibility and (3) conversion. Each are equally important, but always start by researching relevant keywords first.

Other Ways to “Build Links” for Your Website

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Link building is a time consuming and creative endeavor. In the long run, some links pass value more than others, which is why diversity is the key to creating a stable and trustworthy link profile for your website. First, a brief synopsis of the more common types of links and link building that one typically Read More

Put Your New Google Page Rank To Work!

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Since the new page rank update is now complete, the real value aside from flossing your new look on the Google Page Rank Toolbar is imminent as link weight and buoyancy becomes more apparent in the search engine result pages. So, now that you know which pages made the grade and have gained a touch Read More

SEO, Online Marketing, Recession and ROI (Return On Investment)

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With recession and (ROI) return on investment staring each other face to face, being brutally honest about the profit and return on your search engine optimization or online marketing campaign has never been so important. For those who may not have noticed, various industries typically replete with activity in the market-place are coming to a Read More