Priceless SEO Strategies

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Here are 5 Priceless SEO Strategies & Search Engine Optimization Tips that you can apply to your website today. 1) Use the right SEO strategy for the Job – Your strategy depends on the market and the keywords so if you intend to identify multiple keywords and ensure that your site has enough content about Read More

How Many Links Does It Take to Get In The Top 10?

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When dealing with numerous inquiries about search engine optimization on a daily basis. You hear some questions so often, you just have to write about them to serve as a resource guide. Surprisingly, the propensity for prospects to view organic SEO like a vending machine, where you simply put your money in and the keywords Read More

Don’t Obsess Over SEO Rankings

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Are you the type of person who has Google on the mind 24 hours a day? Instead of relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends, you duck into the bathroom with your i-phone “to see if your rankings have slipped” or see if one of your competitors has snuck up on you and Read More

SEO Is More Than Just Optimization!

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Before you think about driving traffic to your pages, is your site a destination or a pit stop along the way? Have you ever wondered why SEO really works as a premier advertising & marketing medium? Because convenience coupled with availability puts consumers in the drivers’ seat of where and how they spend their time, Read More

SEO Opens Doors

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If you are a small business, SEO can open doors to competitive keywords, lucrative markets and competitive verticals. However, to take your place, you’ll need to chip away one page at a time building quality content and authority along the way until you reach the threshold. Employing a solid content development strategy (persistently waged in Read More

SEO Consultant or SEO Services?

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Does your business need SEO Services or an SEO Consultant? The definitive answer, it depends. An Example of When an SEO Consultant is Enough: Let’s assume Company A has an aged site with clearly established authority, SEO services may in fact be overkill when all they need is (1) a target and (2) a tactic Read More

Quality Score, Relevance Score and Search Engine Optimization

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What is organic SEO? For those unfamiliar with the context, organic search results are the natural results which appear on the left side of the screen (in Google) and are gauged with a higher propensity of trust and click through rates from consumers using search engines. Getting to the top 5 organic search results and Read More

SEO – Managing Your Organic Keyword Campaign

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Managing your organic keyword campaign for SEO is a full-time responsibility. Through seeding the market with variety, one can determine which keywords have the strongest natural affinity with your sites core theme or invoke a content development strategy to fill in the blanks. One of the trade offs of organic search engine optimization is the Read More

Stop, Think – Before You Build Another Link

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Search engine optimization encompasses link building as one of the cornerstones of off-page optimization. Off-page optimization deals with the number of inbound links a site receives from other websites and how they reference and link to the target site. Before you look outside of your own site for links, harvesting the “link equity” and internal Read More

What is the Purpose of SEO?

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Life is about cause, effect and purpose, search engine optimization and using a search engine are no different. When you take the experience of a normal search into account, it starts with purpose and either ends with a pleasant conclusion or is aborted until another impulse predominates as the surfer moves (from link to link) Read More

Small Business Search Engine Marketing or SEO?

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There comes a point where every CEO or principal must flip a coin and ask themselves, Small Business Search Engine Marketing or SEO? With all of the emphasis on going green, the same could be said in reference to how you promote your brand with search marketing. Instead of depending on PPC for lead generation Read More

SEO Defense: Why Defending Your Position is Necessary!

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What is SEO Defense? SEO defense is just that, defending your position against the competition. How is this done?, by focusing on metrics based on quality and refinement rather than quantity and volume. All you need is one page and one solid link to potentially create relevance, aside from that, it is the competition for Read More