Mission Accomplished: When You Finally Reach Your Goal!

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Everybody loves it on top (of search engines that is). Let’s face it, there is a reason why we obsess over our rankings, because we know that the more positions we occupy for our main keywords, the more your business we receive. For the past 2 1/2 years, SEO Design Solutions has been humbly pursuing Read More

Creating Synergy with your Content, On Page & Off Page SEO

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There is something to be said about choosing a champion or flagship page for SEO to lead the charge for your main keywords for search engine optimization. Choosing the right keywords is paramount to achieving the proper launch velocity for your search engine optimization campaign. Internal linking, content and off page SEO must work together Read More

Analysis of the Top 5 Websites that Rank for “Marketing”

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Say you wanted to rank for the word “marketing” for example, what is the first thing you would do to optimize such a broad phrase? In case you thought it was entirely out of the question (aside from budgetary constraints for human resource), I would like to share a very profound algorithmic principle (simplified by Read More

Are Your Landing Pages Converting?

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Are you making the most of each page? Each page is a landing page in your site that can encourage visitors to take action, delve deeper and evaluate your value proposition or convert into a long-term loyal repeat customers. Ensuring that each page in your site serves as a landing page or target for a Read More

The Best SEO Strategies Mature Over Time.

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Just as Rome was not built in a day, the best SEO strategies take time to mature. SEO is not always about the optimization of “tip of the iceberg results”, refinements to site structure or tweaks to the content. A true search engine optimization strategy requires analysis beyond the narrow chronology of (short term) events Read More

SEO, Linking and The Company You Keep!

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Who you link to matters! A great deal can be said about your site by observing the company you keep. Linking by affinity can augment or impede search engine positioning. Although search engines are essentially transparent in their functions, your site however is not. In addition to who links to you, were you aware that Read More

Simplifying Search Engine Optimization

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Nothing like going back to search engine optimization basics, there are no secrets in SEO, just overlapping processes which yield favorable results when combined or on the contrary hinder other processes from maturing to optimal efficiency. The rule of thumb is, using solid fundamentals such as optimizing your site architecture, writing impeccable content and using Read More

For Competitive Keywords – Think Like a Big Fish!

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If you are involved with Marketing Products and Services Online, thinking like a big fish is vital for breaking free of the constrictions of the traditional marketing (food chain) and skipping to the front of the line. Are you thinking like a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in the ocean? Read More

Newton’s Law and Building Link Momentum

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What do Newton’s Law of Physics and link building and SEO have in common? Perhaps more than one might think. For those of us in the SEO profession, sometimes getting the point across to clients about the importance of relevance and link velocity (the rate in which you acquire or lose links) is like trying Read More

Is Your Grasp of Search Engine Optimization Optimized?

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Search Engine Optimization is about more than just continuity, frictionless relevant context, site structure and link popularity. With hundreds of on-page and off-page SEO criteria up for analysis and scrutiny from search engine algorithms, search engine optimization can be divided into multiple facets that require equal attention to augment and nurture your sites holistic profile.

Planting Seeds for Future Harvest, Tilling Keywords from the Past

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The importance of evaluating the effects of SEO over time using analytics is imperative for your optimization efforts. For example, it is a well known fact that the modifier “How To” is a great hook. Both for the reader and for search engines. This was inspired by a post I wrote approximately 9 months ago Read More

Competitive SEO – Securing an Edge Through Maintaining a Competitive Advantage!

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It is no secret that to gain a competitive edge, you need competitive SEO for your business to thrive. How many times have you went to sleep singing praises about securing a new high ranking position only to wake up in the morning to see it vanish into thin air? The is nothing more disenheartening Read More