Optimizing your site for the “Most Searched Keywords” – Condensed Version

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This is the short version of Optimizing the “Most Searched Keywords” to Target you Niche amply renamed Optimizing your site for The Most Searched Keywords (condensed version). Click here for the complete version of this in depth SEO post. Based on your link building strategy, you have the opportunity to focus on highly competitive terms Read More

Optimizing the “Most Searched Keywords” to Target your Niche!

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What is your Link Building Strategy? Long-Tail (multiple keywords), Short-Tail (specific keyword groups) or Highly Competitive Terms? For the short/condensed version of this post click here or read on for the long version. Are you looking in the right places for important keyword phrases that deliver relevant traffic to your pages? Are the keywords you Read More

Using RSS Feeds & Content for Building Links

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Your site is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Depending on your traffic development strategy, it’s possible to eclipse and exceed traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN combined using alternative high-traffic funneling strategies such as web 2.0 based social media and links from propagating exposure through RSS Feeds and articles.

Internet Branding – Brand Imaging & Brand Identity

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Small businesses are challenged by formidable decisions and foreboding circumstances which on one hand harbor perilous outcomes or on the other, equally promising reward. Internet branding if not harnessed properly, is also one of such quandaries. Are you seeking higher conversions from your advertising and marketing efforts? Try building SEO value intrinsically by developing a Read More

“Authority Site Building” and Leveraging Website Authority

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Website Authority – What is it and How to Create it? With all of the talk about creating “authority websites” and “authority site building”, we decided to discuss what it means, how to accomplish it, and how search engines treat your content once you do acquire such authority. What is Website Authority? Website authority is Read More

Defining your Niche – Long articles vs. Short Blog Posts, Which is Better?

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Is your blog hitting the mark and satisfying the needs of your visitors?, or are you putting prospects to sleep before they ever reach your value proposition? As you know, there are multiple facets of traffic that flow distinctly throughout the web (search engines, high-traffic authority sites, directories, social media) but not all traffic is Read More

Internal Links – Are You Making the Most of Yours?

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Are you yielding the highest possible return in search engines from optimizing your pages internal links? If not, then maybe it’s time for a link audit. With so much time spent being myopic over link building and external links (development of one-way,reciprocal links or building your blog roll), people often forget that they have the Read More

4 Indispensable “SEO TOOLS” for Competitive Research

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When you’re tired of playing childish games like leap-frog and tidily-winks in the SERPs (search engine result pages) with your competition and are ready to change the subject from recess to biology and literally dissect their SEO game. You’ll need to break out some real SEO tools for a stint of competitive research. SEO tools Read More

Piecing Together the Internet Marketing Puzzle

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Just like a piece of a puzzle, putting your site over the top and achieving optimal search engine visibility boils down to finding the missing link (between your on-page and off-page SEO). Without it, your internet marketing efforts can remain on the brink of success to no avail, with it, exposure and opportunity can bring Read More

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

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This post is for individuals genuinely interested in the subject of search engine optimization, that are unfamiliar with the fundamentals or the jargon used in the SEO industry. Although a more seasoned reader may find this information passe, please note that everyone has to start somewhere. Now more than ever, small business owners (who need Read More

How to Use “Action Words” to Increase Traffic & Reader Response.

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Finding the right “action words” can instantly add verve to your writing style, as well as score you extra points with search engines. With all of the possible keyword variations that a consumer might use when performing a search, your writing style should essentially cover the bases through using as many potential key phrases as Read More

How to Extend your Keyword Empire in 3 Simple Steps!

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In the quest for optimizing a series of holistic keywords for your niche, two essential ingredients are (1) creating appealing content (for search engines and humans) while (2) overcoming countless bouts with competitors that are constantly vying for your position. Aside from vision and resolve, you will need a plan that is search engine savvy Read More