How to Extend your Keyword Empire in 3 Simple Steps!

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In the quest for optimizing a series of holistic keywords for your niche, two essential ingredients are (1) creating appealing content (for search engines and humans) while (2) overcoming countless bouts with competitors that are constantly vying for your position. Aside from vision and resolve, you will need a plan that is search engine savvy Read More

The Top 50 Sites that Receive Traffic from the Term SEO

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Talk about a belated Christmas gift. It turns out that Seo Design Solutions made the top 50 websites for traffic from the keyword SEO according to You’ve got to love Google Blog Search. A great service that has the ability to set up alerts and monitor any time someone so much as mentions your Read More

Strategic Keyword and Link Building Strategies for Internet Marketing

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If you ever wondered how to measure SEO results for link building, here is one of many tactics that provides insight to how rankings are acquired as a result of a keyword acquisition & keyword sniping. Relevance is the basis of rankings, you either have it or you don’t. Relevance is determined by the type Read More

Why it’s Time for Traditional Marketing to Step Aside

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So many options, so little time. Attention diffusion is a reality for the modern consumer. While surfing the web via Stumble Upon, I came across a great video from Seth Godin (a true SEO / marketing guru) who shed some interesting new light on the current state of marketing and how savvy consumers are not Read More

Important SEO Factors for Achieving Higher Rankings

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Search engine optimization and it’s application is just as much an art as much as a science. The scientific aspects are things like meta tags, h1-h6, the meta description, internal links, .htaccess files, robots.txt files, keyword density and the like. The artistic side of SEO (in my opinion) is the method in which one applies Read More

Descriptive Titles Have Higher Traffic Conversion

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Using your title and description tags properly is quite possibly one of the most overlooked aspects to encouraging traffic and higher click through rates (CTR) Something as simple as using the right 65 characters to summarize your page title can mean the difference between lackluster and blockbuster click through conversion. Despite where your pages are Read More

5 Link Development Guidelines You can Build On

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Ever wondered what to look for when building links? Link building is like one of sacred scrolls of search engine optimization, that (for very good reason) is kept secret. Much like the formula for Pepsi, Coca Cola and other trade secrets that if revealed and exposed to the wrong sources, could spawn unnecessary competition, lack Read More

Catchy Titles, Social Media Stampedes and Content that Converts

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Is Your Content Sticky Enough? For those of us who are new to social media, creating a server-taxing social media traffic stampede could be triggered merely by a catchy title alone. Attention is the new commodity online and if you expect visitors to just fork it over, without being entertainment or fulfilled in exchange, think Read More

SEO 101 Crash Course with Links to our Top Secret SEO Tips

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Are you aware that at the whim of a fleeting thought and a few keystrokes, essentially anyone who has the slightest inkling to research a subject can pull up a snapshot of the trails we all leave behind? In search engine optimization (SEO), it’s not always what you see, it’s what you don’t see that Read More

Using Deep Links to Summon Search Engine Spiders

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Why overlook the beautiful garden of latent links available from several of your buried internal pages? With a menial investment of time and a bit of pruning to remove a few semantic weeds, you can revitalize your website via deep links and give all of your pages a serious boost in the SERPs. Simply put, Read More

Phrase Rank, Trust Rank and Linking Outside the Box

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This post is about relevance and Linking Outside the Box as Trust Rank, Phrase Rank and Page Rank are looking for more than just links to assess your content. As the holiday season is upon us and we wind down this illustrious year of 2007, what better way to conclude and enliven the festivities than Read More

The Evolution of Search Engines, Content & Competition!

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In the beginning (before SEO), simply having a website was enough. Then people realized, that if they changed a few things here, here and here (titles, keyword density, tags), that search engines would respond differently to their pages. Over time through trial, error, patience and reward, specific methods were devised to strengthen the organic position Read More