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You have to dig deep to discover the roots of organic search when plotting which keywords and audiences are candidates for conversion.

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Get to the Root of Organic Search Modifiers

Instead of haphazardly targeting nebulous keywords or competitive rankings; since ranking for the wrong keywords costs you time, missed opportunity and money. Organic search is based upon 2 simple nodes (1) quality and (2) relevance;  by using the proper modifiers to “qualify” your traffic,  you can make higher conversions with fewer visitors by eliminating the tire-kickers and increasing traffic from “buyers in need”.

Finding “the right keywords” to drive relevant visitors that convert to your website is a science and an art form. This document explores the fundamental SEO strategy of structuring your website for optimal organic search engine positioning through using themed modifiers (keywords that translate specificity as a prefix or suffix to primary keywords) that convey relevance to search engines.

In this E-Book we will cover:

  • Common modifiers & their uses.
  • GEO modifiers for local markets.
  • Modifiers affiliates use to get paid
    “regardless of the market”
    and more!

Grab a Copy of this 16 Page E-Book Below…

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