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Bundling SEO, CRM, & PPCWhen it comes to superior lead acquisition and retention programs, are you just skimming the surface (idly content with the tip of the iceberg) or are you delving into parts unknown to assess new and exciting complementary marketing channels?
Bundling Lead Acquisition and Retention Services, by SEO Design Solutions.
Opportunity is measured by your ability to grasp and act on useful and pertinent information. However, gleaning or foraging this crucial information is dependent on your vision and the tools you use to research, analyze and assess potential data.

Just like a tip of the iceberg, it’s not what you see or you engage within the scope of your market, it is what you overlook and do not that results in missed opportunities.

Bundling SEO, PPC, CRM and Beyond!

Imagine if you had the best of both worlds, knowing what the competition lacks and the ability to implement change quickly to engage that segment of potential prospects through offering targeted products or services. Now, through compatible technologically savvy companies bundling products and services to reach a common goal, you can.

For example in search engine optimization, taking off the keyword blinders and redefining your stance (seeing without tunnel vision) when it comes to identifying profitable keywords, niches, products or services is what distinguishes market leaders from mere followers. Those who plot expeditions into parts unknown have the advantage of mapping out the territories as they see fit.

Just as there is a keyword conquest for optimizing the top traffic bearing phrases in organic search engine optimization, similarly for SEM / PPC honing ROI and analytics to track conversion applies. Now imagine a seamless solution once you have achieved record conversion, you need to manage suppliers, contacts and the needs of your supply chain in tandem with in-house management with CRM (customer relationship management), having all of those resources bundled at your fingertips is the future of the next generation for a dynamic online business model.

This new model is robust, flexible and agile with the ability to saturate and position products, services or companies respectively using premier platforms and technologies in an integrated fashion. The ability to identify, acquire and service the market share that existed that you may in fact have been previously unaware of.

The implications are enormous with the ability to facilitate interests from small niche markets to enterprise clients. With such a vast expanse of opportunity, leveraging existing brand equity into viable niche markets or parallel marketing channels is the new face of online marketing. Consider it the merger of all things SEO, PPC, CRM and beyond. Just like seeing is believing, in business it boils down to results and those companies who couple specialized products and services to reach and achieve a larger collective goal, are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

We are proud to announce the SEO Design Solutions has partnered with Cornerstone Solutions to offer just that. We will provide an update on bundled products and services in the near future. Stay tuned for updates and developments as they occur. 

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