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Putting together the internet marketing puzzleJust like a piece of a puzzle, putting your site over the top and achieving optimal search engine visibility boils down to finding the missing link (between your on-page and off-page SEO). Without it, your internet marketing efforts can remain on the brink of success to no avail, with it, exposure and opportunity can bring good fortune, traffic and business your way.

The Pieces of the Internet Marketing Puzzle

Here are 10 pieces of the internet marketing puzzle that you can utilize to keep your site on track and well on its way to ranking like a search engine superstar.

1. Use Deep links to build multiple link oasis’s within your site (over 50+ links per page for pages you wish to rank for competitive national terms).

Build links to sub folders to make all of the pages in the folder more prominent in search engines. Each page can essentially become as strong or stronger than the homepage and have it’s own unique term(s) it ranks for. Page rank is by the page, so Google allows you to optimize each page in your site with this principle in mind.

Each page can virtually be a site unto itself if you understand how pages pass link authority and link juice through this type of funneling / internal linking. Since your going to work with deep links, make sure all of your pages use absolute links instead of relative links ( vs. /page.html) this way the internal links act as your most trusted back links for the entire site as they age over time.

2. Cap the Outbound links to 10 per page (make them count).

The less outbound links per page, the higher the potential rankings. If you want to elevate one of your pages to superstar status, cap each page with 10 outbound links and point 5 links (from 5 of your most powerful pages) to one page (your new ranking superstar). Use slight variations of an overlapping keyword (i.e, internet marketing solution, internet marketing service, etc. ) using targeted anchor text. Not only will that page rise above the rest (for that term), but every link on that page is super-charged (so aim them carefully). Here is an example of this tactic.

I always like to create 2 pages of content for a keyword, that way I do not have to build too many links to one page. After you reach a plateau of critical mass for that page you can target the other page using a distinctive variant of the other. Double rankings are excellent as they eliminate one of your competitors listings as well as emphasize your brand.

3. Build links using a wide array of anchor text (think organic not processed).

Mix it up a bit, you don’t want to rank for just a few phrases, take of the blinders but populate your keywords based on certain root islands that comprise the main keywords. Branch out like a tree, but keep it on topic.

4. Position your links higher up in the document for relevance (surrounded contextually by your main keywords).

No tacky footer links are needed, you can wrap every link in a relevant paragraph for more impact.

5. Use block quotes with your keywords in a link (anchor text) at least once on the page.

Block quotes, higher up on the top left panel (if you have a 2 or three column layout) using keywords that are links in the bullets are like having multiple h-tags. Search engines pay particular attention to this, even more than bold, italic or those old hat techniques.

6. Maintain a moderate keyword density of 1-3% (i.e. for every 100 words use your main keyword 1-3 times).

Search engine spiders are smart enough to tell what you are referring to, no need to go overboard with keywords. Just make it relevant to the title and the tags and try to use your keywords at least once in “exact match” and 4-6 times on the page to make it stick. If you need to rank higher, you can always build links, if you go overboard with keyword density, your pages will more than likely get penalized.

7. Use strong internal links to elevate relevance for your main keywords. (try using hyper link / breadcrumbs for internal pages that have related content example).

You could for example use a tactic like. Did you find this information useful? if not, then perhaps these pages (insert pages in block quotes) may have what you are looking for. Using the block quotes and anchor text links with phrases using the main keywords of the pages they refer to is a great way to add functionality to your site, while mutually serving the role of strengthening your on-page SEO.

8. Make sure you create new content regularly.

Want to become an authority site and have your pages spidered the same day from search engine spiders?

9. Use a wide array of sites and tactics to build links.

Try social media and article marketing, or directories and blogs, press releases, promotions and tactful blog comments, the point is mix up your link building, so that in case one formula falls out of focus, your covered.

10. Don’t rely too heavily on any one technique.

I think this one speaks for itself. Nobody said that outranking millions of other pages would be easy. Finding your pace and getting all of the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle in place from the start by using each of the snippets above can help you get a good running start.

If each obstacle we overcome is just another lesson in disguise, then our collective experiences ( like pieces of a puzzle ) are what define our success. Similarly, your website or blog is challenged by various obstacles daily (competition, the relevance of your content, the web site architecture, the back link and authority factor) and how you react to each challenge will determine what exposure you can garner for your site and where your pages rank after the dust settles.

So what are you waiting for, see if you can apply 2 of the above tactics to your website or blog today to mix things up a bit. Experimentation is part of SEO, if you always perform the same techniques the same way, then when the algorithm shifts you have nothing to fall back on. Feel free to make comments or share some of your favorite pieces of the Internet Marketing Puzzle with all of the other visitors who frequent this blog. Comments are open and stay tuned for more SEO, internet marketing tips and ranking tactics.  

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    On your point number five you said this

    5. Use block quotes with your keywords in a link (anchor text) at least once on the page.

    Block quotes, higher up on the top left panel (if you have a 2 or three column layout) using keywords that are links in the bullets are like having multiple h-tags. Search engines pay particular attention to this, even more than bold, italic or those old hat techniques.

    Taking the chance of sounding stupid but wanting to learn…can you explain this a little more…I checked out your post and realized that I did not see this illustrated…not saying it is not there but not really sure what I am looking for…

    can you email me a little more on this or show me what to look for on your page so I understand this

    GREAT STUFF…thanks

  2. I heard that Jeff Paul had problems before he became internet millionaire. If that’s true then I admire his striving and hard work.

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