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SEO StrategyJust as Rome was not built in a day, the best SEO strategies take time to mature.
The Best SEO Strategy, by SEO Design Solutions.
SEO is not always about the optimization of “tip of the iceberg results”, refinements to site structure or tweaks to the content. A true search engine optimization strategy requires analysis beyond the narrow chronology of (short term) events to create the causes that seed results for the waves and ripples of (long-term) search engine positioning.

For example, I may perform some core facet of SEO to a site now (like making links absolute and refining anchor text), so I can return in three months (after the results age) and complete the perfect synthesis of techniques to produce the ideal result. While the fast and the furious SEO style is effective, there is something to be said about a time-released organic SEO campaign edging its way up the search results little by little each month.

The key factor is that you simmer your keywords to gain relevance (slowly like a slow cooker or crock-pot) while maintaining a low profile until it is well rooted and capable of reaching the peak of the ranking cycle. Then, the momentum is already built (behind multiple links, an array of content and timely introductions to reinforce each gradual step of the way.

Balancing links, content and keywords from multiple sources (with their respective buoyancy and decline) is a key component of a solid search engine optimization strategy.

Some search results are so delicate, for example, that any attempt to overwhelm the keyword in the search engine with links or content alone can result in a penalty or slow ascent over months as opposed to a brisk sprint in search engine placement.

Just like a socialite networking over time, sometimes you just can’t push it, it’s not always about force, in instances such as this, you simply have to allow your pier group to invite you in.

When ranking complacence occurs, there are typically a handful of methods that move the search result from a static or stagnant position (typically in the 20-30’s, up the search engine result pages to crack the top 10 relevance model. (1) reevaluate your content and (2) go to your oldest pages and reinvigorate them into the site (new content, new links, or refinement).

There is nothing like an organic SEO campaign management extended over long periods of time, The beauty of adding layer upon layer of relevance one slice at a time has a profound effect (like a chess game played with caution and intent).

Patience and search engine trust are crucial parts of the solution, and they are not always as easy assets to acquire unless your content provides inherent value (beyond your needs) for your visitors. Other strategies like adding a few quality links each week vs. dozens of less potent links can pull stagnant terms to the top ten results if a mix of keyword modifiers are integrated into the campaign.

Pruning verbosity in your copy is another great way to improve positioning in search engines. By removing unnecessary “stop words” or relieving your pages of off-topic paragraphs or questionable grammatical errors, you can rewrite them for continuity, call to action with a touch of SEO copy writing.

This is one clear cut example where the early bird, does not always get the worm. For some keywords and key phrases, its the methodical SEO strategies that claim the prize at the end of the day. The only way to get trust (age your domain) and nurture it over time.

The seeds you planted months ago, you now enjoy as the fruit of your labors. Some fruit hangs lower than others and is ripe for the picking. But the older the berry the sweeter the juice when it comes to the grand finale for keywords with competition. 

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13 thoughts on “The Best SEO Strategies Mature Over Time.
  1. Rosyhu says:

    Many think that SEO is an easy task, but they’re wrong. when doing SEO constant and maintained optimization is required. SEO requires time and effort for it to be successful. thus. being patient is the best thing to do.

  2. I agree Rosyhu:

    Often the analogy of a great chess strategy comes to mind when thinking about SEO.

    If you rush, you make mistakes. Patience and gradual optimization should always be the spine of true SEO efforts.

    Even the most basic revision can ripple for months in reveled rankings, getting started is the most challenging obstacle for most.

  3. Rhys says:

    I’m all for slow and careful as good building blocks, but don’t preclude those flashes of brilliance, those moments of epiphany when we come across a gem of knowledge that has a great effect – like utilizing ‘keyword coherence’ and ‘site synergy’.

  4. SEO Pune says:

    Everyone can follow SEO standards and try to optimize a site…but i think SEO is all about common sense..rather than making things standard,every site is required to be considered individually together with carefully analysing target viewers.

  5. Rhys:

    They always said that slow and steady wins the race, not to mention it leaves less of a trail. Great point…


    Common sense, some nice analytics data and foresight never hurt. Not to mention continuity for the target audience and you mentioned, people will build links if your content is deserving, but sites do not optimize themselves. Even the dependencies depend on something else, so I agree to each site it’s own method, but you can borrow concepts from other sites from other industries or previous optimization clients to find the right mix for each unique circumstance. Thanks for commenting.

  6. SEO is always a bit of a guessing game, with search engines changing their ranking algorithms constantly, but these tips and techniques are always useful in any SEO situation.

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