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Here is something that (no tens impunded) shattered my pre-fourth of July evening. Is You Tube down the tubes? Apparently, according to a lawsuit initiated by Viacom with ongoing litigation has put YouTube’s user data up for grabs. This inquiry from Viacom holds privacy and potential law suits in the balance. In summary, it appears that the privacy of you tube users may be at stake.
Breaking News From Tech Crunch, YouTube / Viacom Litigation.
The original story broke today at Tech Crunch earlier today.

It appears that in a heated dispute, the interests of traditional media seems complacent with such new technology and the propensity of such a vast medium (like to deliver such media in unparalleled proportions (ahem, in other words, “for free”).

This has the trappings of a most interesting event. The contention between Pay for play vs. the hey relax, “its just data” (free as a bird download / streaming) reality. With the outcome uncertain, who knows who will win? at this stage, it is simply too early to tell.

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