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With the web reeling from the most recent Google Caffeine Infrastructure update, Google has revealed yet another step forward  in how they process Google Alerts and Universal Search.

Google Alerts Updated

Google Alerts Now Embrace Blended Search

Blended search is here to stay and as an indicator of the power of diversity, Google has decided to update the “web” type alerts to “everything” type alerts, which means you may receive video, news, images and / or other types of relevant media attached to your alert / query.

Google alerts can be used for multiple methods such as:

  • To monitor your business, brand or reputation.
  • To monitor a competitive space to see the volume or frequency of content created by competitors.
  • For SEO purposes for tracking range, reach or exposure.
  • To track citation or specific content which you may have produced by using “the title in quotes” to specify exact match.

More importantly, keeping tabs in real time (or at least as the new Caffeinated algorithm indexes fresh content) is going to be more useful than ever with this broader array of Google Alerts from the Googleplex. 

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