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Affiliates, here is an interesting tidbit of breaking news gleaned from MSNBC that can put money in your pockets.  WalMart is making a push to woo online shoppers this season by offering FREE shipping on over 60,000 items.

Free Shipping for Holidays from WalMart

WalMart Challenges Amazon with Free Shipping

As value-conscious consumers turned super-savvy online shoppers now stay home and simply point and click instead of standing in line to execute their Christmas Shopping, this is one incentive that could tips the revenue scales in your favor.

Amazon – the online king of retail are being challenged as WalMart offers free shipping on over 60,000 items to consumers. What does this mean to you, well, if you’re an affiliate marketer, that type of incentive is hard to ignore since value-added benefits such as these are often enough to sway the balance of who buys what from where online.

The word FREE with its 98% reader response is a comforting ally to consumers,  particularly when coupled with the word shipping on their favorite electronic items, accessories or products.

Thrift is cool for the new online shopping school, don’t believe me? just ask Groupon – who is now heralded as one of the fastest growing companies in history as a result of offering deals via viral marketing during a recession. The premise, why pay more when you can find a deal in few clicks? If you think consumers and their purchasing habits are the same they were 5 years ago (let alone last Christmas season), think again.

With millions of SEO optimized review sites, comparison sites and price aggregators (sorry the market has grown), providing consumers with more options than ever to quickly search, click and shop for virtually everything under the sun.

My suggestion, if you have an online store and are looking for ways to augment passive revenue, sign up for WalMart’s affiliate program, carve out your niche or two and start integrating the plethora of creative (banners, widgets and links) into your highest performing pages to monetize a passive revenue stream as a contingency plan to your primary conversion and monetization method.


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