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On the herald of this monumental day, you are either skimming your analytics in shock (from traffic missing in action) or celebrating in praise (from new found keywords) making their debut  as the ripples of the information retrieval infrastructure get swapped out from Yahoo’s algorithm to Microsoft’s Bing search technology.

Bing Yahoo Search Results Live

Yahoo Now Shows Bing Search Engine Results!

For those who were aware of Yahoo and Bing merging, this is no surprise; however, for the rest of the online populace, the changes appear to be present in various data centers showcasing the new consolidated search engine result pages for keywords in Yagoo and Bing. Now is the time see for yourself if your keywords have been promoted or taken a dip by simply conducting comparison searches to see if the similarity in the SERPs (search engine result pages) has made it to your part of the country or you are still viewing a stale cached copy of Yahoo’s algorithm.

Bing Search

Bing Search Result Snapshot for Keyword "SEO"

and now for Yahoo’s rendition…

Yahoo Search Results

Yahoo Search for Keyword "SEO"

Note the the same SERPs (search engine result pages) in both search engines. With anticipation at an all time high, we all knew they would flip the switch sooner or later and for those of you who already enjoy great search engine rankings on Bing, then this is genuine boon for your business.

For those of you who already enjoy  prominent search results on Yahoo, its back to SEO basics and time to optimize for this new/ up-and-coming platform destined to rival Google for search dominance in the next 5 years.

What is uncertain is, if this was only a test and we merely caught a glimpse of things to come, or is this the official roll-out of Bing results in Yahoo as the two companies join forces. 

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6 thoughts on “Yahoo Now Showing Bing Search Results!
  1. Maisam says:

    I would love to share this news on my blog and would recommend my visitors to use Yahoo as their service will get a lot better than before.. Thanks for your time and consideration in writing this beauty article :)

  2. I’d be surprised if they didn’t make an announcement of sorts. Maybe thay had some strategy behind it if it’s the real thing. Good news for those that were already in good standings in searches.

  3. @Michael:

    Definitely a plus for those with great Google and Bing results, the old information retrieval “switch-a-roo” trick at its finest.

    Time to study conversions and click-through rates to see how things play out.

  4. Yahoo has begun investigating nonsynthetic and paying activity listings from Microsoft. Up to 25% of its hunting reciprocation in the U.S. may see fertilizer listings from Microsoft, and up to 3.5% may see professional listings from Microsoft adCenter. I opinion you could say that the earlier stages of the Hunting Connection’s transmutation screw begun.

  5. Great “insight” over yahoo bing search engine collaboration and SEO roll, i have some worked with it and found that bing algorithm mostly focus a webpage which is written on a specific topic that means promoting a index page with some many keywords is tough in bing. How many think about this true?

  6. justin bryan says:

    Thanks to to blog team to come with such nice topic and also expecting to come up with more information about yahoo-bing search algorithm and results.


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