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In the race for the top 10 search results and website positioning, off-page link building is one of the key ingredients responsible for putting companies on the map. You have to consider, if you want to rank for a term in search engines, getting your foot in the door is the first step. Each time you get a quality inbound link (page rank 4 or higher) or a top 10 ranking for a related term, the door opens a little bit more, so getting started is really the first thing, after that it’s about managing the rate of your exposure and your link reputation.

Maintaining healthy link building practices is crucial. It’s not about going out and buying up a flurry of links, nor is it about linking to anyone just for the sake of a boost for rankings. Just like the real world, you have to be careful who you link up with as one hit from a bad neighborhood could give your site a dose of a dip in rankings, until you oust the link from your pages.

When building links, it’s more about creating a nice mixture of fresh and aged links as well as references from the others that are active and avid about their online presence. Blogs are an excellent platform that feature this very function inherently in their framework. So, browse through some social bookmark sites or conduct a few searches, try to find someone who is on the same industry and genre and put your two cents in by contributing content. opinions or feedback. You never know what type of relationship will develop through networking, but you have to try to find out if this method works best for your content.

Some of our best posts came from mentioning products or companies we endorsed on merit alone, as they reciprocated by posting a link about us which put our stats through the charts in less than an hour. It is one method, but make sure you are sincere as most have a build in BS meter and can see through the guise.

Getting a link from a major player like a blogger or authority site is one way to fast track your website, another known method is gaining .edu links. Some create traffic from humans, others create trust from search engines. So finding the right balance is the key.

What’s the deal with Social Bookmarks?

Social bookmarks count as links to your site. If you blog often, don’t forget to socially bookmark your posts. This way you breathe a bit of new life into the post and immediately augment your material with a high powered link from a noteworthy source.

Building traffic to a site takes effort, the main thing is, your not just sitting around or expecting on page SEO alone to miraculously produce droves of visitors to find your website.

Without doing your part to encourage it, you can expect your hit meter to stay exactly where is it, (flat lined) unless you are actively in the game building authority and building links.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to build some links. Try not get so caught up in the who, why, what, when and how, just do it and let your website authority grow.

If you like it, link it. It only takes a minute or so to log in and share the link love through social bookmarks, or to Sphinn it, or Digg it, an in kind, here is the latest article by Dan Thies at SEO FastStart on link building. This one really it a fire for me, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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