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This is the short version of Optimizing the “Most Searched Keywords” to Target you Niche amply renamed Optimizing your site for The Most Searched Keywords (condensed version). Click here for the complete version of this in depth SEO post.
Optimizing the Most Searched Keywords to Target Your Niche! By SEO Design Solutions (click image for long Version)
Based on your link building strategy, you have the opportunity to focus on highly competitive terms with inherent high search volume, or moderately competitive short and medium-tail searches (which are known for their saturation ratios for any search conducted comprising any of the keywords that are optimized).

Two factors for consideration;

1) If your site is lean and mean, then competitive terms are a better bet, you need to funnel the right kind of traffic in order to make your online presence worthwhile.

2) If you are executing a pure content based ranking strategy (like several hundred themed pages in a blog) then you’re better off employing the long-tail approach (which means that any word on the page when paired with the right modifier/search term, can return in a less competitive/more specific search query).

A top 10 is a top 10 if it has 10,000 results or 10 million, its all about relevance to the reader and the search term, so, the objective of your link building efforts is to raise the bar and set realistic goals for long term/high search volume traffic while also reaping the rewards of the low hanging fruit to elevate readership, exposure and conversion.

To do this, the logic is, to find the “most searched keywords” of the root phrases that are pivotal to your positioning strategy. Read that again, as it is the gist of this post and is the key to this method. From there make sure your on page and off page factors are synchronized.

Up-linking and getting Authority Backlinks to strengthen Trust and Phrase rank.

To expedite the true secret sauce for your site (in depth post about website authority here) try up-linking (linking out to more resourceful or trusted sites) this escalates your TrustRank (how search engines view and respond to your content).

Also, by creating an organized, category based data structure to encourage optimal spidering from search engines and building links using specific methods outlined below you can increase traffic and elevate your content above the competition systematically. As well as by finding and leveraging authority back links (which can be done through social media, guest blogging, articles, RSS feeds and other traditional link building methods).

Link Building for the Short, Medium and Long Tail of Search:

The suggestion is, to use a keyword research tool and dig deep into secondary key phrases that all have anywhere from 300 or more searches a month. Optimize dozens of them to a mixture of your pages with the highest relevance. Naturally by amassing the more competitive terms inherently as a result of using those keywords in conjunction with various alternative modifiers / keywords, you will be optimizing your pages for an entire niche, simultaneously.

Identifying the Most Searched Keywords:

Make sure your on page factors have enough saturation of the keywords. In the beginning of the campaign find 20 to 30 phrases with traffic, preferably terms that when reduced to their two word counterparts are high traffic terms, this way every time you build anchor text back to your pages using this combination of phrases or keywords, the entire group of keywords gets the lift and raises your sites allinanchor relevance for the entire lot of words (keyword company, keyword services, local term keyword company, modifier reference, keyword, niche/modifier, etc.) over time you can wrap up an entire niche using this method.

Finding your Keyword Density Ceiling for your Site:

The key here is to use overlapping keywords, to find them use the keyword in quotes “in Google” and look at how many terms are returned using the exact match “quotes” query, if your highest search terms have a ceiling of say 30,000 competing pages, then set your cap at 60,000 and start building any related phrase under that back to your pages.

Search Command to Determine the best Pages for Which Keywords:

To find the page with the highest concentration of the keyword, use another simple search command, keyword phrase . By doing this Google will return a listing of pages from your domain, that have the highest relevance for the search term and you know that you can build links to that page to see the fastest results for your link building efforts.

Now you know which terms go where, how to assess their competitiveness and that you should have enough traffic flowing to them (try stumble upon or viral link baiting to drive relevant traffic) to position yourself as an authority site “in the works” in the eyes of search engines.

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Also, let me know if you enjoyed having two version of a post (the “Optimizing the Most Searched Keywords” long version of this post is here) and you have just read the short version above. I am interested to know if this LONG/SHORT post format is something that could become viral and appeal to a larger audience (those who have time and those who just want to skim) leave a comment and let us know. 

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