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When it comes to SEO,you can’t let impulsive behavior encourage you to push the envelope too hard. Remember the old saying, “slow and steady wins the race”… Nothing has ever had more significance than when it comes to building links.

Don't Build Links to Fast!

Don't Build Links too Fast!

There is something to be said about building a natural link velocity and not building links to fast. Link velocity is the rate in which a website gains or loses links. Do either too fast and your site could end up under scrutiny. Click the image above to visit this informative post from the past “Keeping SEO Natural” whose message still holds true to this day.

Other Blasts from the Past:

There is nothing like an Blast from the Past to keep things moving forward. So, remember,  the next time you think about playing catch up with competitors instead of carving your own path, keep it natural to keep your site out of the penalty box. 

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