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Survival In the SERPs

So what happens when you want a keyword that perfectly summarizes your brand, and one of your competitors wants it more? the simple fact that “someone gets bumped!” It’s just the nature of the top 10. Vying for the pole position is the motivation, but unfortunately there’s only so much room in first class (or the top 10 if you will).

Fight or Flee?

How does one answer the call when someones got your number? Do you (a) wonder about getting the best ROI with the advertising methods you have in place? or (b) go online and choose which Seo Company to hire?

Common internet marketing strategies are one way link building, the use of articles and RSS feeds (really simple syndication feeds) for ezine marketing (publishes your website to thousands of sites who display your articles).

Article marketing allows you to (a) occupy high volume search terms in search engines and (b) use the author’s box in the bio of article (to link to your website) and drive traffic and links organically. Other tactics are pay per click, which is essentially like paying someone protection money, it can get costly and most of the time, your better off, just going with organic search engine optimization and getting the long-term benefits of that traffic at a margin of the cost.

Hold Your Space

When it comes to the competition, he or she with the more diverse marketing & website promotion strategy is the one who gains favor from search engines in the ranking wars. Sure you could do it yourself, but with all the time it takes to effectively manage an SEO campaign, your better off letting the professionals do what they do best. It’s almost like a Nascar Driver thinking they don’t need a pit crew, nothing else is farther from the truth.

No company is a mountain unto itself, the web is all about links and having a variety of links from vastly different sources, is one strategy that’s gaining momentum as of late. Search engines are constantly evolving to cut unethical tactics that violate the guidelines of search engines to a grinding halt.

To cut down on the number of websites who game links (send links from multiple pages from the same website to their own) Google, in kind, has supposedly discounted the quantity of links (from multiples posts) to one link per domain. So, instead of you getting credit for 10 links from a blog/link with varied anchor text (or site wide links), you get one link and the impact of subsequent links from that URL are minimized as a result.

The underlying message here is, to diversify your link building efforts. Use aged unique Class C-IP Addresses when possible. Websites free of SEO are great for links when their aged. Just like a fine wine, a link development strategy using aged domains is always a plus. Hosting articles on sites with authority and pointing targeted keyword rich links to your pages needing a boost is a plus.

You need staying power, and this tactic is sure to provide some added leverage to give your website some cushion for the oncoming onslaught of websites competing for your spot. The last thing you want is for your website rankings to suffer from a hit a run. Ranking high one day, then your rankings take a dip unexpectedly.

Being aware of your competitors is one thing, but anticipating their next move and planning one step beyond is even better. You need solid search engine optimization solutions using a plethora of marketing methods to establish your online presence.

Just like the jungle, anything could happen and on one level it’s all about survival, on another it’s just common sense. Mix up your marketing using press releases, articles (with focused titles) to rank in the SERPs, link building and blogging to get the word out on an RSS feed. With so many frontiers available for the masses to interact, it’s beyond reason how it comes down to who is the king of the search, one query at a time.

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