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Why Website Authority Matters

Rome was not built in a day, neither was a top ranking using SEO. Each keyword has a threshold that search engines and the competition have set, finding it and surpassing that mark is the true objective of search engine optimization. Just like climbing Mount Everest (conquering a competitive keyword), takes planning, preparation and execution. […]

Is Your SEO Strategy Proactive or Reactive?

Before you jump in to any  SEO technique, you’ll need to understand two things (1) it’s immediate and extended purpose and (2) it’s history. Like everything, there are cycles, and if you come on too strong at the wrong time (i.e. hit the turbo button when you should have taken a deferred and metered pace), […]

Guest Blogging Tip: Check Alexa for Audience Info

When one is looking at a blog as a potential candidate for writing a guest post for, there are many things that they must do in order to ensure that the site is a good fit. Most, for example, check and make sure that a site has a decent PageRank, that it has a good […]

Does Your Company Have a Business Blog?

Many companies realize the importance of having a blog installed on their site, but they don’t understand what the importance is. As a consequence, many blogs across the country are sadly being abandoned and neglected through no fault of their own. There are wonderful blogs out there just waiting for a loving author to give […]

Happy New Year’s Page Rank Update

Last night, Google has passed out a little page rank love with a recent update to kick off the new Google caffeine (bigger, faster, smarter) search engine initiative. For many of you engaging SEO, this is the time where quality trumps quantity and lean and structured siloed websites built on the solid semantic premise of […]

The Process of Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of distinct processes designed to improve search engine placement for your website.  However, what does that really mean when you break it down to performance and performance benchmarks? Do higher rankings always translate to higher sales conversion? The answer depends on how thorough your research was in determining […]

SEO Is Like Chess

This post from the past brings a timeless message and reminder to stay ever vigilant to defend your keep online. The message is, SEO much like chess involves multiple layers of strategy to be successful. In search engine optimization, there are vast combinations of possibility hinged on the precipice of relevance, yet that alone is […]

What Do You Mean, “SEO People?”

Marketing is the umbrella and regardless of the method, SEO, SEM or social media marketing, ultimately it’s all about results. While sitting in on a brilliant landing page session from Tim Ash from Site Tuners at SES Chicago, after the presentation during the Q & A session I heard someone reference a question with the […]

SEO Copywriting: Create Value not Just Rankings

What are your chances for finding yourself on the first page of Google , Yahoo or MSN with SEO if the content on your website lacks originality? The honest answer, bleak to dismal at best. Unique content that distinguishes you apart from all of the other “me too” sites out there chiming off like parrots […]

Website Authority: Editing Content for SEO Value

Since the topic of reviving old content was brought up earlier today (from linking to a post from the past), I thought it was only fitting to dig into the SEO archives again to harvest yet another opportunity to drive home a point. Can Editing Your Pages Produce Organic Rankings? A website is a work […]

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