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If you are currently evaluating a search engine positioning service, then you may wish to consider a firm that utilizes the benefits of long tail search engine optimization. This is the practice of optimizing keyword combinations that are outside of your main or broad search keywords, but have the ability to drive traffic to your site as a result of unique searches.

What is a unique search? One might call it unintentional optimization as semantic relationships in search engines use word stemming (singular, plural and contextually related words) to create parallels and relevance for search queries. Maximizing the long tail of search for your site can drive conversion to all time highs, all from awareness and implementation of keywords.

Imagine a service that can isolate queries from search engines and then report back to you with useful metrics such as what others are saying or how they are linking to your website & finding you online. Well now, a service like that exists and is absolute free, it’s called Hittail, a truly revolutionary marketing tool in theory and execution. Rarely do we wholeheartedly endorse any product or service and I must admit, this one is ingenious. We are in no way affiliated with this company, but truly wish to thank them for their contribution to search as a whole. Hittail is like your johny on the spot reporter scouring the web to get the scoop on the who, what, where and what time they did it, live 24 hour search engine monitoring tool.

Just in case your wondering, Connors Communication is one of the original innovators of PPC marketing, so you may wish to pay attention to any SEO tools they develop for the online community. After taking it for a spin and seeing the beauty of the application of data harvesting in regard to search, we include this service to any website we put our hands on.

Say for example you want to get away from the clutches of PPC advertising, the first thing you should know is how people are finding your website online. Hittail does this, records the frequency, the keywords, the time of the search, the country and much more. In addition in the click of a button, you can have it suggest new terms for your to optimize for your business based on the results gathered from the live statistics. In a nutshell this tool is priceless for organic search. If you haven’t heard of this or used it, find out what you are missing but visiting the site and adding a snippet of code into your template or web pages. Here is a video explaining the HITTAIL concept and application I found on U-Tube. When something this revolutionary comes along, you just have to give thanks and spread the word, so if you like it, link it…



In 2006, Jeffrey Smith founded SEO Design Solutions (An SEO Provider who now develops SEO Software for WordPress).

Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

9 thoughts on “Hittail Long Tail Search Engine Monitoring Tool is a Hit for SEO
  1. Hittail is one of those rare gems that really works. I only stumbled on it while looking for SEO videos on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and I’m really glad I did. I’ve already managed to net over $152 by following its advice and I know I’m going to be netting a lot more from using it during the rest of 2008.

  2. SEO GURU says:

    HITTAIL and SEMONICS are awesome tools. We found out about them recently. We compared several tools.

    First the Bad.
    We tried Authority Labs, and it should be free because it is a piece of $#*>. It does much less than Google Analytics can do and we even got spammed constantly after sign up. After we signed up, we were spammed by several other online marketing companies. We think they sell their email list.

    The Good.
    HitTail and Semonics are two great products for any Web Marketing professional. Semonics has a much better User Interface and is a very powerful tool. Although we recommend both, we give Semonics the win.

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