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Before you jump in to any  SEO technique, you’ll need to understand two things (1) it’s immediate and extended purpose and (2) it’s history. Like everything, there are cycles, and if you come on too strong at the wrong time (i.e. hit the turbo button when you should have taken a deferred and metered pace), then the outcome is almost predicable – you hit a wall.

Ready, Fire, Aim!

Do yourself a favor and its time to go back before you move forward. Here is a post from the past written over 4 years ago, that still rings true today. Aside from the fact that the turtle with a jet pack is just plain snazzy, there are some worthwhile gems to extract.

Topics covered:

  • The Ping Phase
  • The Gap
  • Link Insurance
  • The Authority Ranking and more…

Click Here to read “SEO and the Cycles of Optimization“… After you’ve read it, let me know what you think.




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One thought on “Is Your SEO Strategy Proactive or Reactive?
  1. I’m one of those happy users of Seo Ultimate and I surely agree that there are cycles in Seo, what always remains are keywords and search engines as people will always use them to find what they are looking for.

    How search engines will rank content is always a guess especially with Big G. but those two factors are what matter today and forever, imho.

    Happy weekend!

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