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SEO web design is a meticulous process that involves understanding the criteria that search engines place emphasis on in the evaluation of web pages. Pages that deliver those criteria in concert with other well known supporting practices are rewarded with significant increases in rankings for the key words that comprise those pages.

For example, did you know that even through the title of the page was emphasized in the past as the most important on page SEO factors, yet a page can rank dominantly in search engines without even having the keywords in the title. Buying into an SEO myth such as that could prevent you from experimentation, which almost certainly leads to new and exciting optimization methods.

As an alternative to abusing the title tag or stuffing it full of keywords in an attempt to rank higher (which actually devalues the strength of each keyword the more you add). A well written description using exact match terms that someone might type in a search box when seeking you site, are much more significant and effective than a bloated title. Combine this with building links using those same exact match terms and you will most assuredly see rank and position changes in regard to the HTML page in question.

We will be debunking other SEO Myths frequently in an attempt to shed some light on tactics that really work for search engine positioning or techniques that need to be relinquished to history books in the regard to present day Search engine optimization. 

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