On Page vs. Off Page SEO

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Just like the argument of which came first the chicken or the egg, in SEO circles, the question over which type of optimization (on page or off page SEO) is more important has echoed as a debate for years. On Page Vs. Off Page SEO While this post could easily tip in either direction, let’s Read More

Value Propositions that Convert

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Can you remember the excitement of your last purchase for something you really wanted? Almost like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa Claus, there is nothing like finding a great deal and making a purchase online. Appealing to Savvy Online Shoppers When emotion is the driving force, time disappears and the addictive side of Read More

Brand Traffic: Corralling Branded-Search for Affiliate Opportunities

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For seasoned affiliates, there’s nothing revolutionary about the concept of targeting “brand traffic” or corralling “brand-driven searches” to send traffic to affiliate offers. While Pay Per Click Marketing has brand-name bidding limitations, SEO as a conversion mechanism (on the contrary)  has promise. Targeting "Brand Driven Searches" for Affiliate Revenue The premise is simple; do you Read More

SEO Tips for Data Feed Optimization and Dynamic Data

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Performing search engine optimization for dynamically generated websites that use a database or feed that feature thousands and thousands of stock kept units (S.K.U’s), product brand/make or model numbers requires a different tact than optimizing a website for a phonetic keywords or key phrase. Dealing with Dynamic Data and Duplication Even though model numbers are Read More

An Obvious Fault in the SEOmoz Difficulty Tool

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Something every webmaster wants to know is how competitive their keyword terms are in the bigger scheme of things. Especially if you spend hundreds if not thousands with Google’s Adwords advertising tool. How Accurate is the SEO Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool? Let’s say you are building a niche site on the topic of “personal loans.” Read More

Affiliate Summit 2011 is Amazing

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With over 4,700 in attendance in the Las Vegas Wynn Hotel, Affiliate Summit 2011 is nothing short of spectacular. Affiliate Summit 2011 Up from only 150 in attendance from just 5 years ago, the upsurge in the affiliate industry is growing rapidly, which is readily apparent trying to navigate the packed halls for this event. Read More

Can You Rank in Minutes vs. Months?

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The difference between trying to rank a new website or stagnant website that lacks topical depth, content, links or trust vs. flinging keywords effortlessly to page one within ten minutes (using a domain with age, trust and authority) is a game-changing metric. Ranking in Ten Minutes instead of Ten Months The only difference between a Read More

HTML Sitemaps and SEO

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Using HTML sitemaps for SEO is a powerful alternative to using anchor text links in the primary navigation to ensure deeper pages get crawled. HTML sitemaps create a significant and distinct type of residual ranking factor that are crawled by all search engines that xml sitemaps simply cannot replicate. Search Engine Spiders Prefer Static HTML Read More

DWS 2.5 Update: Introducing the New Keyword Decisions Screen

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Below is a sneak peak of the keyword decisions screen for Domain Web Studio 2.5 prior to the DWS 3.0 update. For the past few weeks I’ve been working with Matt “The Mad Scientist” Da Cruz as he meticulously fine-tuned the SEO metrics and custom parameters built into the “rules engine” for this update. SEO’s Read More

SEO Tips for 2011

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To kick-off the new year in style, we would like to share a few useful and practical SEO tips for 2011. Each keyword should be carefully considered as a business investment, not just from a viewpoint of  a trophy phrase or ranking conquest to quell your competition. SEO Tips for 2011 Acquiring a raking for Read More

Sculpt Link Flow with SEO Ultimate’s New “Link Mask Generator”

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SEO Ultimate, the free WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions, has been upgraded with a new module that permits fine-tuned link sculpting on your WordPress-powered site. SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin Adds "Link Mask Generator" Feature Version 4.7 adds the Link Mask Generator module that enables this functionality. Thanks to Link Mask Generator, it’s a Read More

How to Theme and Silo Your WordPress Blog

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I would like to share a simple SEO siloing technique for WordPress that you can use to theme and silo your content to achieve higher search engine rankings. Theming implies creating a collective series of posts based on a similar semantic node. How to Theme and Silo Your WordPress Blog Siloing involves creating a process Read More