Happy Holidays from SEO Design Solutions

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from the staff at SEO Design Solutions. Merry Christmas from SEO Design Solutions Enjoy your downtime this holiday and reflect back on 2010 and the great things about SEO and online business you’ve learned this year as you anticipate the boundless plenty that Read More

What is Website Silo Site Architecture?

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You may have heard about website silo architecture or theming your website, but what does it mean? How to Theme and Silo Your Website For those unfamiliar with the jargon or techie nomenclature; siloing simply means categorizing semantic content using a series of inter-linked posts which are ring-fenced to each other to consolidates the collective Read More

SEO Tools for On Page & Off Page SEO

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When you’re tired of playing childish games like leap-frog in the search results with your competition and are ready to change the subject from recess to biology and literally dissect their SEO game. You’ll need to break out some real SEO tools to analyze your on page and off page SEO efforts. 3 SEO Tools Read More

The Last Keyword Tool You’ll Ever Need

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There is a reason why they call this The Last Keyword Tool; since it’s the last keyword tool you will ever need, once you understand how to harness and unlock its awesome market-penetrating skills. Take a look over Sue Bell’s shoulder (the CEO of Themezoom and co-creator of the Krakken and The Last Keyword Tool) Read More

SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin “Updates” Underway

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I just wanted to let everyone who downloaded our SEO Ultimate “All-In-One WordPress SEO Plugin” know that updates are underway are coming shortly. There have been over 110,000 downloads to date from WordPress and we want to assure those who are using SEO Ultimate have the ability to enjoy the enhanced functionality it provides for Read More

Organic Search: Top Keyword Modifiers Revealed!

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You have to dig deep to discover the roots of organic search when plotting which keywords and audiences are candidates for conversion. Get to the Root of Organic Search Modifiers Instead of haphazardly targeting nebulous keywords or competitive rankings; since ranking for the wrong keywords costs you time, missed opportunity and money. Organic search is Read More

Domain Web Studio 3.0: SEO Tools for SERIOUS Online Marketing!

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Warning: If you currently provide SEO or SEM services, use PPC or Affiliate Marketing for your website(s), consider yourself “put on notice” that the market-devouring collaboration between Theme Zoom and DomainWeb Studio’s DWS 3.0 is coming. When it arrives, let’s just say the evolution of keyword research, push-button optimized site architecture and SEO as we Read More

How to Create Stronger Websites with Fewer Links

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Today, we discuss how to create stronger websites and rank higher with fewer links using your own website as a pivotal dynamo for on page SEO. Create Stronger Websites with Fewer Links There is a distinct correlation between seed keywords, site structure and rankings. For those who omit these critical connections are inadvertently creating more Read More

How to Save Time and Money Buying Aged Domains

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Whenever a new domain comes online, it starts out as a clean slate with Google. It could be the greatest blog to ever exist or it could be a spam site looking to fill the SERPs with garbage results. Google has no way of knowing. SEO Tips for Buying Aged Domains It takes a period Read More

Passionate Consumers Equal Profits: Following the Money

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What are some distinguished characteristics a seasoned SEO might look for when considering affiliate markets to plunder? Where there is passion, there are profits! Beyond typical analytical keyword research which involves looking at the most competitive keywords first, there is a far simpler metric one can use when searching for keywords and key phrases that Read More

SEO Web Design Tips

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Making sure visitors can reach your pages, hear your message and see the connected visual cues to take action means integrating SEO, design and conversion cues simultaneously. Finding the right medium is critical to create a connection Creating visually appealing website that ranks as good as it looks is vital for your websites’ success. Today’s Read More

Which Type of Website Should I Make?

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After deciding which type of website to make (an authority site or niche site) determines which SEO approach you unleash on your competition. Niche Site or Authority Site? This scope and search engine optimization method depends on which keywords you are targeting and how profitable the yield of traffic is to your conversion funnel for Read More