Google Website Analysis: Live Site Review

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Watch over my shoulder as I perform a live site review touching on topics such as shingle analysis, visual page segmentation, link flow, server side includes, keyword prominence, keyword proximity, link flow and more – in this 10 minute walk-through behind the eyes of an SEO optimizing a website for optimal performance in Google. Shameless Read More

Using The Google Wonder Wheel

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Several months ago Google introduced a new feature to their search results called the Wonder Wheel. SEO Design Solutions provided a great post on how to use the Wonder Wheel to improve link building with the use of keyword clusters. This tutorial provides insight in how to use the Wonder Wheel to improve your site’s Read More

5 Simple Steps to Quote Content Without Hurting Your SEO

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When blogging, it is inevitable that you are going to want to share or comment on content you found on other sites and, as part of that, bring some of that material onto your site. Beware the Side Effects of Duplicate Content However, Google and other search engines frown upon duplicate content and often times Read More

Competitor Research and Analysis

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Use these 5 SEO tips for competitor research and analysis to reveal niche markets or affiliate market opportunities by triangulating keyword search volume for domains ranked in the top 3 results for keywords with proven commercial intent. Rather than rely on one tool alone, this method uses SEMRush, Compete and Alexa in tandem with related Read More

Google Acquires Visual Search Engine

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In another vertical approach to scaling the web, Google confirmed their purchase of here on the Google Operating System Blog earlier today. Coupled with the visual search functionality presents, if /when they apply this platform on a large scale, Google stands to benefit from scaling this feature set into a variety of potential Read More

SEO Packages or Custom SEO Services?

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How can you benefit from using SEO Packages vs. custom SEO Services to set the foundation for future ranking endeavors? The Value of SEO Packages Each website has unique needs – meaning its own semantic and topical signature, its own content and indexing cycles, its own rhythm for rankings  (the keyword  ebb and flow) and Read More

10 SEO Tips to Triple Keyword Visibility

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Creating keyword stemming (the ability to have a page returned for multiple results) is accomplished easily through using synonyms and alternative keywords for inbound and internal links. SEO Tips to Triple Keyword Visibility To promote this SEO tactic simply:

Don’t Blame the SEO!

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It’s easy to point fingers when the phone is not ringing and the leads have trickled to a halt. But is that really the best way to optimize your business? Is SEO or Conversion to Blame? Instead of blaming the SEO guy or team when things don’t work out, oftentimes it’s a matter of conversions Read More

Organic SEO: Natural Search Engine Optimization

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Organic SEO known as natural search or natural search engine optimization requires patience, skill and persistence. Just like a plant, it flourishes when it is nurtured and withers when it lacks attention or water. Organic SEO: Natural Search Engine Optimization The question is; what will it take to grow your website into a flourishing and Read More

SEO Tips to Transfer Latent Ranking Factors

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This vitally simple SEO tip allows you to harness legacy pages to augment present-tense SEO efforts. When stale pages plateau, then simply put them to work by transferring that authority by creating new landing pages and harvesting the link equity and trust they have acquired. Supplant Rankings by Transferring Latent Ranking Factor Time (both freshness Read More

Yahoo Now Showing Bing Search Results!

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On the herald of this monumental day, you are either skimming your analytics in shock (from traffic missing in action) or celebrating in praise (from new found keywords) making their debut  as the ripples of the information retrieval infrastructure get swapped out from Yahoo’s algorithm to Microsoft’s Bing search technology. Yahoo Now Shows Bing Search Read More