Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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With all of the hype rattling millions of inboxes’ as of late regarding the latest breakthrough, revolutionary search engine dominating, server taxing traffic tips and groundbreaking money-making secrets. Opt-In Web 2.0 Affiliate Marketing Strategies I will save you the opt in form and provide a free “how to” post on this simple, “get free stuff” Read More

SEO Ultimate 3.9 Adds “Instant Post Propulsion” Feature

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SEO Ultimate, the powerful WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions, has been upgraded with revolutionary new autolinking technology (known as “Instant Post Propulsion”) that facilitates harnessing the power of an internal linking paradigm on your dynamic-content WordPress sites. SEO Ultimate w/ Instant Post Propulsion Imagine you run a well-established blog with thousands of previous Read More

SEO Ultimate Adds Deeplink Juggernaut Upgrades

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Deeplink Juggernaut is the autolinking module of SEO Ultimate, the free WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions. In the last six weeks, Deeplink Juggernaut has been upgraded with extensive new functionality, officially pushing it out of beta. SEO Ultimate: WordPress Autolinking Module Released Deeplink Juggernaut now sports a redesigned interface with additional options for Read More

SEO Ultimate Adds New 404 Monitoring Features

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SEO Ultimate, the free WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions, has been upgraded with major new updates to its popular 404 Monitor module. SEO Ultimate Updates 404 Monitor Module By default, the 404 Monitor now only logs 404 errors that either have a referring URL or are generated by search engine spiders, since these Read More

SEO Ultimate Adds Sharing Facilitator Module

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SEO Ultimate, the revolutionary WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions, has been upgraded with a new Sharing Facilitator module that makes it easy for your visitors to promote your blog on social networking sites. Sharing Facilitator Encourages Others to Promote Your Posts Sharing Facilitator supports two popular all-in-one sharing buttons: ShareThis and AddThis. ShareThis Read More

SEO Modifiers for Affiliate Marketing

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Below, we have identified an array of emotionally-charged, SEO tested search queries and modifiers (descriptive words used to clarify purchase intent) used by millions each month to find and purchase products. Consumers are Shopping Online, But Can They Find Your Offer? If you are an affiliate marketer looking for a direct line in to the Read More

Website Traffic or Conversion: Which Matters More?

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Which is more important, conversion or positioning? Website traffic has always been a barometer to determine just how popular or successful a web property is, correct? Without Traffic, There is No Conversion Not anymore, as the deluge of information overload rests of the precipice and an abundance of information on every topic forces people to Read More

Link Building Strategies for Search Engine Optimization

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Today’s SEO tip is a link building strategy based on how to promote keyword stemming (ranking a page for multiple keywords). SEO Link Building Strategies Specifically this tactic pertains to anchor text selection and execution. Keep in mind, Google ranks pages not websites, hence the more authoritative a page is (based on other internal pages Read More

10 SEO Tips to Start an SEO Campaign

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Since there are clearly defined steps in an SEO campaign, following an SEO blueprint is one way to keep on track and maximize results. This effectively is known as taking SEO from theory to practice and placing concepts into actions so you can track, assess and refine results. 10 Steps to Successful SEO Campaigns Assessing Read More

Dealing with Link Loss

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65% of competitive keywords are captured as a result of superior on page optimization. Its not always the off page optimization that is the deciding factor.  Dealing with link loss in this context does not imply losing links from external sites linking to yours, but rather the link equity squandered from sub optimal on page Read More

Simple SEO Tips for Keyword Research

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There is nothing worse than targeting the wrong keywords using SEO, only to determine that the phrase you rank #1 for was a waste of time. Of the various species of keywords such as (1) educational (2) commercial (3) tangential or (4) targeted, if they lack commercial intent or rather conversion value, then use these Read More

SEO Tips for the Google Mayday Algorithm Aftermath

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If you spend as much time analyzing the SERPs (search engine result pages) as we do for the purpose of proactive SEO planning, you are bound to catch patterns or ranking anomalies which can provide insight into Google’s constantly evolving search engine algorithm. Getting Back on Track After the Google Mayday Aftermath If a few Read More