Wrong Market, Wrong Keywords or SEO Strategy?

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What happens if you target the wrong keywords, consumers or rely on a narrow traffic source instead of diversifying your website across multiple traffic sources? The answer, failure to grasp the true premise of internet marketing. Wrong Consumer, Wrong Keywords or Wrong Approach? Instead of confusing the impetus by using the wrong message on the Read More

SEO, Syndication and Social Media

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There are 3 nodes of relevance to integrate holistically into an internet marketing campaign to ensure a healthy, robust online presence; those nodes or rather prerequisites are SEO, Syndication and Social Media. SEO, Syndication and Social Media While these nodes of relevance are interdependent, each works much like a stool with three legs, one without Read More

Are Link Wheels an Effective SEO Strategy?

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For those unfamiliar with the concept of link wheels as a viable SEO tactic, it basically involves creating several layers of reciprocity between multiple web 2.0 properties, blogs, pages or social media sites which ultimately link to a preferred URL and / or domain. Are Link Wheels Effective for SEO or Traffic? For example: You Read More

How to Start an Online Affiliate Business

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Learning how to start an online affiliate business can be a real challenge for anyone who’s new to the industry. There’s a lot to learn and if you aren’t careful there are some major mistakes you can make—but for the most part starting an affiliate business is a very simple and great passive way to Read More

SEO Tips to Give Stuck Pages a Push

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How many layers deep are you linking for your websites link building campaign? You often hear about the various tiers of optimization and the types of SEO tactics used by many to create link diversity, but how deep do you link (from site to site), how often and to which pages? Just in case your Read More

3 “Must Have” WordPress Related Posts Plugins

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Today we are reviewing 3 must-have picks for WorPress “Related Posts” plugins that both satisfy the end user as well as facilitate optimal internal linking to benefit your websites on page SEO strategy. 3 "Must Have" Related Posts Plugins for WordPress This IS NOT a paid review, we do this because this is our way Read More

On Page SEO Tips

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Managing link equity for a website means creating preferential treatment for pages that have the highest potential for conversion. This becomes critical for on page SEO and managing ROI. On Page SEO Strategies to Manage Link Equity Depending on (1) your website monetization model (2) the type of consumer you need to facilitate and (3) Read More

SEO Tips to Find Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

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After you have found a niche and want to determine who the Super Affiliates are, there are a number of extremely simple SEO techniques you can use to find out which offers, competitors and/or referrer sources are worthwhile to pursue. 3 Simple SEO Tips to Find Affiliate Programs Applying Commercial Tact It’s not like your Read More

Google SEO: SEM Rush, Xenu, Analytics and Webmaster Tools

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Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are a storehouse of data which can be used for search engine optimization. However, when combined with a few other stellar SEO tools creates a winning combination for data-mining your own historical benchmarks to facilitate tangible KPI’s (key performance indicators) and ROI thresholds for future keyword and conversion conquests. Read More

SEO Marketing: Social Structure and Scalability

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From the perspective of SEO, each domain requires a different type of tact, depending on where it is in the cycle of developing authority. However, SEO is only one channel or traffic source. To transcend, you need social appeal and scalability. SEO Marketing, Authority and Scalability Nexus – Marketing Meets The Economy of Scale Keep Read More

SEO Tips for Premium Domains

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Using a keyword-rich premium domain for SEO purposes is still the Achilles heel for search engine algorithms to dissuade rankings from rising in the SERPs (search engine result pages) spontaneously. Premium Domains are the Achilles Heel to Search Engine Algorithms For example, if you a website with the name:

Google Founder Sergey Brin on Search, Google, and Life

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I believe as an SEO, we often have the tendency to get “to caught up” chasing search engine algorithms and phantoms in an attempt to reverse-engineer ripples and effects rather than quantifying the causes that created them. This is why today, I would like to share something simply brilliant by turning back the clock to Read More