The Difference Between SEO, Web 2.0 and Advertising

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The line of moral turpitude is what precludes one webmaster from embellishing on another persons property for financial gain. There is a fine line between SEO, Parasite SEO, Advertising and Web 2.0 Marketing; they are all means to an end, but ultimately at what cost? SEO, Advertising, Automation and Ethics Applying SEO is typically done Read More

Google Alerts Updates from “Web Types” to “Everything Types”

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With the web reeling from the most recent Google Caffeine Infrastructure update, Google has revealed yet another step forward  in how they process Google Alerts and Universal Search. Google Alerts Now Embrace Blended Search Blended search is here to stay and as an indicator of the power of diversity, Google has decided to update the Read More

Click Throughs and Incentives

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Incentivising an audience to encourage click throughs and conversion is necessary regardless of the marketing channel or medium used to delivered that traffic to a website. Missed Opportunities are Unlikely with the Proper Incentives Regardless of the fulcrum used to leverage  a traffic source (SEO, SEM, Editorial Exposure, Email Marketing or Advertising); the most significant Read More

SEO Tips To Reverse Engineer Ranking Algorithms

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If you are trying to appease search engines and optimize your content through SEO, then why not look for insights from the trail they leave behind to reverse-engineer the way they interpret semantic clusters of data and the connectedness of certain synonyms, phrases and keyword combinations. Using Google Analytics to Reverse-Engineer Keyword Relevance This post Read More

Link Building: SEO Link Types and Tactics

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Is there a magic SEO bullet for link building or building the proper quality, theme, volume or type of links? Not necessarily, but having a solid strategy and series of tactics at your disposal never hurts when applying the “think before you link” motto. Link Building: SEO Link Types and Tactics Whoever said links are Read More

SEO and (UGC) User Generated Content

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For the implementation of SEO, Search engines like themed, structured topical data with a logical and intuitive navigation and site architecture. The downside many webmasters face is not having enough topical content to tip the scales in their favor. User Generated Content This problem can be solved from user generated content (allowing the members to Read More

Alternative Traffic Sources: Diversity and Conversion

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With all of the marketing jargon about sales funnels, sales cycles, message matching and utilizing enticing value propositions to encourage click throughs and conversions its easy to forget what proceeds them –“causation”, and why it matters. Traffic Sources, Visitors and Conversion Those aspects are merely “effects”, but what about taking a step back and looking Read More

Are You Using the Best SEO Approach?

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The importance of holistic SEO as a layered process is what determines the effectiveness of your campaign. Which SEO Approach is Best for You? Anyone can randomly add pages of content to a website, build links and haphazardly throw a pages together in hopes of tipping the scales of relevance in their favor; however it Read More

Content Wars, SEO & the Google Caffeine Sandbox

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In today’s competitive SEO landscape between multimillion dollar content wars, automation and improved search engine filters, how does your website stand up to the competition? Man Vs. Machine: Machine Learning Citation and Relevance As a contingency of SEO, we constantly study the SERPs (search engine result pages) for patterns and insights to assess the variances Read More

How to Implement Local Search and GEO Targeting

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Have you ever wanted to get more traffic through local search? Search and market share can be measured based on the needs of the business and the scope of the consumers that are relevant to your business model. Are you overlooking local search? How to Implement GEO-Targeting and Local Search Implementing local search and GEO Read More

How to Turn Off Personalized Search

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Personalized search has always been a sticking point for SEO, considering that everyone sees slightly differing search results after they first visit a website. The New Revised Google 3 Column Design Despite the mixed emotions from the new Google web page design shifting from a minimalist layout to a usability-based three column link and function-rich Read More