Organic SEO: Cultivating Natural Search Engine Rankings

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Each month Google sends millions of visitors to websites positioned highly in the organic / natural search results (the results that occur from peer review and citation not sponsorship). Cultivating Organic Rankings through SEO Although rankings in this region of the page are often the byproduct of organic search engine optimization, there are SEO best Read More

SEO Tips to Maximize Your SEO Campaign

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There are four phases or rather steps that an SEO campaign progresses through in order to reach its ultimate ranking objectives. We have outlined them briefly below and provided tips to maximize traction along the way. SEO Tips to Maximize Your SEO Campaign The four critical steps in a managing a successful SEO campaign are Read More

SEO Consulting: Live SEO Site Review

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A good friend of mine John Barth from Adazon Labels asked me to take a look at his website to try and diagnose why his pages where not achieving a more prominent position in search engines. This brief overview allows you to look over my shoulder for an impromptu SEO consultation covering duplicate content, shingles Read More

Consolidating On Page SEO with Content, Navigation and Links

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The first and most powerful source for SEO and rankings is your own website. Consolidating Navigation, 301 Redirects, Content and Link Flow A website deploying topical content, tiered site structure (keeping hops to 3 or less for critical pages) as well as using a definitive navigation schema to maximize internal islands of content is a Read More

SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin Version 2.1 Released

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SEO Ultimate, the free WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions, has just been updated with an overhaul to the 404 Monitor module. SEO Ultimate 2.1 Released from SEO Design Solutions 404 Monitor now features a new, streamlined interface. 404 errors are grouped by URL and feature a hit counter and hit recency info.

Google Algorithm Changes and SERP Watching

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It is no secret to those involved in SEO that Google has recently rolled-out or is testing some newly enhanced features (for usability and design) as well as tweaks to the ranking algorithm as of late. Google Algorithms Changes and SERP Watching The first wave felt weeks ago has now been dubbed “The Mayday Update”, Read More

Search Engine Traffic and the Sales Funnel

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Which would you rather emphasize (1) reacting to the effects of the competition or (2) implementing SEO and SEM tactics based on causation that cater to the psychology of search? In this post we explore SEO, exploring causes behind keywords and building a bigger sales funnel. Is Your Sales Funnel Informational, Navigational or Transactional? Digging Read More

SEO Tips for Internal Links, Deep Links and Sitemaps

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There are thresholds for indexation or rankings which directly correlate to how much link flow or link equity a web page receives from both (1) the site and (2) other sites. In SEO circles, this is known as internal links and deep links respectively. SEO Tips for Server Side Includes, Sitemaps and Internal and External Read More

Do Categories Matter for SEO?

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Implementing contextual categories and granular metrics such as keyword-rich naming conventions vs. non optimal generic or “less descriptive” category names invariably impact your SEO efforts. Are Keywords in Categories Important? Just like the photo above, if your site structure or content lacks formal continuity, rhyme or reason, how can search engines possibly gain context if Read More

Semantic SEO Tips for Word Relatedness

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Inspired by a complex yet fascinating mathematical document on information retrieval from Adam Berger in 2001 on the subject of machine learning and information retrieval (PDF), I couldn’t resist the need to simplify the first concept he introduced in the preface about word relatedness which is one of the underlying principles of SEO as we Read More

Can SEO Keep Up with Constant Change?

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Question: What happens when the relevance set changes and metrics used to score and collect data are dismissed? Answer: The pages that were ranked based on those metrics in a search engines’ index are dismissed as well. Change is Constant When you see violent shifts in rankings, it is not always something your SEO or Read More

Keyword Management and Search Engine Optimization

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There are three stages to managing keywords for an SEO campaign. The steps are (1) keyword research and discovery (2) preparation and (3) acquisition. What happens in between determines if you achieve a favorable position or rankings recede as a result of neglect. Search Engine Optimization Keyword Management The Three Stages of Organic Rankings: The Read More