WordPress SEO Tips: Permalinks, Categories and Duplicate Content

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The process of SEO frequently requires that you conduct periodic sweeps of the various platforms that make a website operational and either contribute to or impede search engine rankings. WordPress SEO Tip: Fixing Wildcard Categories Sweeps like this often include everything from assessing spider traps (where php can loop) and promote over-indexation, load time for Read More

SEO Tips to Build Links, Trust and Authority

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Have you ever wondered why trusted links are better for SEO than untrusted link neighborhoods for securing a stable search engine position? Link neighborhood directly correlates to the company you keep online and each link distinctly carries its own equivocal weight in search engines. SEO Tips for Building Links, Trust and Authority If you have Read More

SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin Version 1.9 Released

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The WordPress SEO plugin from SEO Design Solutions has been upgraded once again. This release adds the unique functionality of tag editing for category archives and Category archives are the pages on your blog that list the posts in a given category. WordPress SEO Plugin SEO Ultimate Version 1.9 Released SEO Ultimate, as well as Read More

Scalability and SEO: Small Business or Enterprise SEO?

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How scalable is your website, but more importantly how scalable is your SEO? Optimization for a small business site and optimization of a corporate enterprise web property both have unique needs that present unique challenges. How Scalable is Your SEO? For a smaller business and their website, not having sufficient content may present a problem Read More

SEO Keywords: Use Diversity to Avoid Dependency

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Diversifying your keyword portfolio is imperative for any SEO campaign. How many successful business models are vested in one client or only target one type of potential client for their survival? Only the ones that can afford to fold up shop if any unforeseen variables percolate or disrupt that particular monetization model. Don't Take Chances Read More

Each Page Should Pack an SEO Punch

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Each page in your website should have a purpose. In fact, each page should pack an SEO Punch. If you have a multiple pages lacking a unified structure and site architecture, it may be too broad, diffused or not specific enough to engage readers and / or search engines. How to Pack an SEO Punch Read More

PageRank Sculpting vs. Designing LinkFlow

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PageRank Sculpting is, essentially, the practice of targeting PR by limiting link flow to other pages within a website. Adding a nofollow attribute to one link so that it will not take value away from other links on the page. PageRank Sculpting or Designing LinkFlow?

SEO Tips to Build a New Website

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Here are 10 powerhouse SEO tips that you can use to build a new website and make sure it gets off to the right start. First, the strategy, then a brief synopsis of the tactics are outlined below. SEO Tips to Build a New Website SEO Tips to Build a New Website:

Converting SEO Bounce Rates to Clients

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What percentage of visitors is leaving your website because they cannot find what they want? Aside from SEO and driving traffic to a website, what happens after they arrive is even more important. Converting SEO Bounce Rates to Clients Is your sales copy disjointed, is there a clear call to action, are you speaking to Read More

SEO Tips for Getting Back to Page 1

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Have you ever checked Google and your most cherished SEO ranking was missing in action? Even more disturbing, there is some unforeseen new website or several new sites in your place which you may have seen on page 2 or 3 in your spot? Getting Back to Page1 Keep in mind, it’s not the end Read More

Keyword Research and SEO Strategy

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It seems that everyone talks about SEO, but the conversation is typically waist deep. The reason why is, if they spilled their most cherished testing methodologies, two things would happen (1) your competition would use them against you and (2) search engine engineer’s would use that information to nullify results through adapting filters to offset Read More

SEO Links: The Way They Were Meant To Be

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In the competitive realm of SEO, honest business people are often tempted to resort to less-than-honest forms of internet marketing. We’ve all heard the rumors about competitors clicking on your PPC ads thousands of times to drive up your fees and we’ve all seen the spammers who post content on any blog post they can Read More