Search Engines and Link Reputation: What’s Yours?

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Since links are the fabric of the web and they allow us to move from page to page and site to site, they also play a crucial role in deciphering the context of your site when analyzed from outside sources (particularly from search engines). Call it osmosis, link transference or what you like, the fact Read More

Online Marketing: The Intersection of Search Engine Optimization and Branding

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The intersection of search engine optimization (SEO) and branding are inevitable. Both SEO and branding are ideal candidates for each other and rely heavily on user engagement to measure their expanse and reach. Each (branding and SEO) are important to your core marketing strategy and the more you have of each, the more continuity and Read More

How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for Gap Analysis

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Just in case you are looking for SEO Tips using the newly unleashed Google AdWords Keyword Tool, now you can take the guesswork out of SEO once and for all to assess competitive keyword benchmarks. By using two free SEO tools, you can perform “gap analysis” and immediately determine where you rank now and create Read More

SEO Tips for Using the Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool

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Although the new introduction of monthly search volume from Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool may not be ground breaking news for most. For those of us involved in online marketing or keyword research, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel about the speculation of monthly keyword search volume when it pertains Read More

SEO Web Design Using “Click-Appeal”

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Does your site have click appeal? Let’s face it, no amount of SEO matters if you have an unattractive website. So why spend money on PPC or SEO if the content, images and theme of your pages are not designed for conversion and click appeal. Visual coherence is not entirely objective, each person has a Read More

Link Building Posts from the Past

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Link building is a crucial part of SEO. Without external or inbound links otherwise known as off-page optimization, your pages will be challenged to reach the proper launch velocity. The proper balance of off-page and on-page optimization (refinements to content, titles, site architecture, code and internal linking) create the necessary components for relevance and acquiring Read More

Impulse Surfing, Click Triggers and Keywords

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Since no two people think or surf alike, the keywords each employ are susceptible returning search results and click triggers that can either promote impulse surfing (much like impulse shopping) or settle in to a relevant result that encourages conversion. Since you never really know where you will end up when you use a search Read More

(CMS) Content Management Systems, SEO and Link Building

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Here is a brief synopsis of integrating SEO, Link Building and a (CMS) Content Management System for optimal results. After studying the top ranking sites in multiple niches, one thing is resolute regardless of the industry. The introduction of consistent, fresh content. A pliable content management system Intricate naming conventions supported by a logical semantic Read More

If You Want Quality Traffic, Create Quality Content!

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I just wanted to touch lightly on the value of content development and building links. The quandary about SEO and link building can be summarized in one sentence. Links equal more opportunities for traffic, traffic equals more opportunity for links. Just like many ancient relics that grace us to this day, quality can stand the Read More

Use Holistic SEO to Capitalize on “The Way People Search”

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Embracing a market holistically means you are approaching it as a totality in itself. You see beyond the appendages attached and see each synergistic relationship for what it is, an opportunity to embrace the whole. So what happens when you conquer a competitive keyword you have been after for months? It depends, sometimes a floodgate Read More

Breaking News from TechCrunch, Is YouTube’s Data Up For Grabs?

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Here is something that (no tens impunded) shattered my pre-fourth of July evening. Is You Tube down the tubes? Apparently, according to a lawsuit initiated by Viacom with ongoing litigation has put YouTube’s user data up for grabs. This inquiry from Viacom holds privacy and potential law suits in the balance. In summary, it appears Read More

Use SEO To Take Control of Your Search Engine Rankings!

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When it comes to search engine rankings, why feel powerless in the wake of search engine fluctuations? In fact, you have more control over your sites search engine positioning than you can imagine. Did anyone ever tell you that you can use SEO from you own site to rank itself? This goes back to the Read More