Is Your On Page SEO Strong Enough?

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Is your On Page SEO strong enough? Honing your on page factors, sculpting page rank, funneling link weight and consolidating anchor text is only one facet of content optimization. Search engines assess your pages first to determine your sites relevance and how your pages measure up to existing pages in the search index on the Read More

Do SEO’s Really Need Clients?

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One question that has provoked a valid argument in my mind based on a question an acquaintance asked me a few days ago is, do SEO’s really need clients? The answer obviously depends on your skill set and what type of personality and SEO you are. If you have a great network of resources with Read More

How Do You Know Your SEO Is Working?

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How do you know if your SEO is working? Here are five stages outlined below to give you a better idea and measure the results. It doesn’t matter if you call it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or any other fancy acronym, what matters are results. Fortunately results are quantitative and measurable Read More

SEO – It’s All About the Cache!

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With SEO it’s all about the cache. Crawl frequency determines how changes impact your site. Without an updated cache, there are no significant changes or rankings to report to search engines. Do you see why getting the attention of spiders is important? They are the gatekeepers between your content and the world. RSS is one Read More

Balancing SEO and Search Engine Promotion

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Search engine promotion is all about balance and contrary to popular belief, type-in traffic resulting from consumers searching directly for your products and services using keywords only represents a small percentage of overall prospects for your website. To promote anything with verve, the necessity look for holes in the game of the competition and finding Read More

Increase Relevance for Search Engine Spiders with Frequent Updates

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Were you aware that search engine spiders love fresh content and the more frequently you update your content the more frequently spiders traverse your site? The advantage of adding fresh content frequently directly impacts your topical site synergy. By creating islands of topical (related) information on a subject provides each page with an opportunity to Read More

Search Engine Supremacy, Where Your Rank Defines You!

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Search engine visibility is the summit of SEO, there is no substitute for a relevant result when a searcher is in need. It is no secret that being in the right position at the right time translates into pure lead generation and conversion for your business. Call it impulse, convenience or what ever you choose, Read More

Search Engine Amnesia, Redundancy and Rediscovery

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Have you ever strived to reach the pinnacle of a search term and for no reason it just disappeared? This is commonly known as the “Everflux” or “The Google Dance” in SEO. Although it can be a source of stress for many (as their rankings momentarily dip south on hiatus) why does it really happen Read More

Priceless SEO Strategies

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Here are 5 Priceless SEO Strategies & Search Engine Optimization Tips that you can apply to your website today. 1) Use the right SEO strategy for the Job – Your strategy depends on the market and the keywords so if you intend to identify multiple keywords and ensure that your site has enough content about Read More

How Many Links Does It Take to Get In The Top 10?

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When dealing with numerous inquiries about search engine optimization on a daily basis. You hear some questions so often, you just have to write about them to serve as a resource guide. Surprisingly, the propensity for prospects to view organic SEO like a vending machine, where you simply put your money in and the keywords Read More