SEO Design, Relevance and Appeal

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There is something to be said about keeping things simple. So, instead of going into a theory on how to increase your deep link percentage, what threshold benchmarks are the new rave of the search algorithm or break apart yet another fragment of SEO. Let’s just take one step back and look and the reason Read More

How to Increase Relevance using Consistent Naming Conventions

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If you ever wondered how to optimize your on page factors to create relevance for your content, this tutorial highlights a few SEO techniques for using consistent naming conventions, tags, site architecture and links to enhance continuity. 1) Start with a flat site architecture using the root folder and build your main pages as the Read More

Building Link Popularity for Your Website One Link At a Time!

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Link Popularity and how it pertains to your pages is a key metric in the relevance model of search engines. Just like high school, it was all about popularity and getting in with the clique. Somehow this characteristic carried over into search engines and how they assess your site. They say that beauty resides within, Read More

SEO: The Market and Competitive Advantage – Know Your Enemy!

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It is easy enough to figure out who occupies a dominant search position with a clear competitive advantage for a number of pivotal phrases in your industry. What may not be clear is how they got there or how they maintain that position. It is important to know your enemy, and it is not always Read More

Are You an SEO Link Opportunist?

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Link opportunities are abundant if you know where to look. Sometimes there is value in linking outside the box as your site is only as strong as its weakest link. Each link has value, for example a PR0 link from a page already present in the Google backlink algorithm using the link:command has far greater Read More

Online Shopping – Just Search, Click, Pick and Pay!

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Who thought shopping online could be so easy, simply opening a browser, conducting a search, finding a great product online and making a purchase is nothing out of the ordinary for millions of consumers each day. The advantages of shopping online are (1) zero traffic or commuting time (2) no need to stand in long Read More

Google Page Rank Update – Use It or Lose It!

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As many may have noticed, it’s that time of the year again for the thumbs up or thumbs down vote from the Google algorithm for websites across the nation. With spring finally making its debut in 2008, Google is conducing a bit of spring cleaning in their index with the most recent page rank update. Read More

Sometimes The Best SEO Strategy is to Do Nothing at All!

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Sometimes the best SEO Strategy is to do nothing at all (after you have set the stage for website authority to augment future growth). With so many facets of search engine optimization, battles in the SERPs (search engine result pages) are won every day across millions of competing phrases by careful adherence to relevance, popularity, Read More

The Cycles of Organic Search Engine Positioning

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Just like a plant, organic search engine positioning is based on cycles. While getting there may be half the battle, understanding the growth, gestation and the budding cycles of SEO as well as understanding temporal relapses in positioning (while data centers unify results a.k.a. the Google dance) for ranking stability is all part of organic Read More

Using Related Search to Find Google’s Most Searched Keywords

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Have you ever hit a dead end when it comes to looking for the most search keywords in Google? For those of use involved in SEO or online marketing, we understand that not all keywords convert. So, finding the most searched keywords for your business is pivotal to popularity or poverty for driving relevant traffic Read More

Managing Web Content With SEO Copy Writing!

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Did you know that achieving high rankings in search engines has more to do with content than on-page or off page factors alone? Contrary to popular belief, one of the most powerful SEO secrets is related to content development and the ability to focus the topical theme of your site to target a specific niche. Read More

SEO Web Design, Usability and The Power of Impression!

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Have you ever visited a website and for some reason it just “felt right”, aside from not being able to distinguish why, the site simply put you at ease long enough to relinquish your intellects natural defenses and delve deeper into the content. Chances are, the emotional experience was a result of clearly defined usability Read More