The Psychology of a Click-Through – Intention, Desire, Fulfillment!

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Through studying click behavior from SEO we gain insight to the reason why people click instead of just focusing on fragmented (after the fact) results. By utilizing common sense, research or analytics we can refine the structure and theme of our content, images and designs to align them with known click-triggers and logical impulses to Read More

SEO Basics – Using Allinanchor, Allintitle Allintext

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There’s nothing like witnessing the transformation of a site that starts at the bottom of a niche ranking for a few sparsely related terms then systematically expands their keywords to encompass several thousand traffic-bearing key phrases through embracing SEO. This occurs as a result of balancing the ratios that determine relevance which are (allinanchor, allintitle, Read More

Search Engine Marketing – Are You Ready to Engage Your Market?

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With consumer attention receding and search engines and website marketing evolving, finding the right the balance for visitors who are constantly bombarded by advertisements, offers, incentives, deals and brand exposure has made prospects less responsive to traditional marketing ploys. The bottom line is all about user engagement and engaging your market. The extent of your Read More

SEO Basics and Creating your Own 800 Pound Gorilla!

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There is nothing like having an 800 Pound Gorilla perched at the top of the most competitive key phrases in your industry (staring you down) every time you even THINK about optimizing a new search term. Despite why they are there (usually as a result of patience, planning and persistence) what may be more disturbing Read More

How to Create Optimized Landing Pages that Convert!

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Sometimes one post is not enough and since we opened the can of worms on the topic of how to create optimized landing pages in our first post Creating Landing Pages that Appeal to Motivated Searchers which was more of a general post, now we can discuss tactics and techniques for those more familiar with Read More

Creating Landing Pages that Appeal to Motivated Searchers

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Every page in your site is a potential landing page. Depending on how streamlined the content is, your pages can provide a valuable resource for those seeking products or services and convert motivated searchers from window-shopping prospects into long-term loyal customers. On the contrary, if the focal point of your pages are nebulous or the Read More

SEO Sleuthing and The Importance of Tracking Your Progress

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Sometime you have to go backward in order to move forward. What happens when you hit your keyword ceiling (when you have squeezed the last drop of traffic from your keywords) and the traffic plateaus? Just like an SEO sleuth, you have to dawn your research cap, break out the optimization map and change your Read More

What You Can Learn from Your Competition!

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They say, “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”, viewing your competition or business adversary in this light offers a true competitive advantage. The last thing any business wants to admit, is what they can learn from their competition, however… Your competition can teach you: How to be resourceful How to excel in Read More

Is Content, Timing and Links the Secret Sauce for SEO?

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It is no secret that great content, introduced at the right time (sooner rather than later) and supported by links with authority create consistent visibility in the top-ranking search results. Regardless if the desire to rank for a series of keywords using SEO comes from (a) an impulse (b) knowledge of the market (c) common Read More

Balancing Link Diversity, Link Velocity and Link Volume!

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One thing is certain, search results do not magically appear in the top 10 search engine result pages “for competitive keywords” on their own consent. In addition to great content, “it truly is a balancing act between link diversity, link velocity and link volume”. For virtually every search you conduct online, a large percentage of Read More

Exact Match is Nice, but with Key Phrases Think Unique!

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Since no two people think or search alike it pays to think unique. For those unfamiliar with the terms “exact match” or “unique” in contention to search engines, one (exact match) is like a laser beam, precise and concentrated, while the other (unique) is like a flash light, nebulous and all encompassing. In a nutshell, Read More

How to Grow an Organic Search Ranking using Thematic Modifiers

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You may have heard that “SEO is not rocket science”, however what organic SEO is, is a consummate process that is not only time consuming and meticulous, but each stage demands the proper balance of on-page and off-page SEO factors to secure a stable long-term search engine position.