Don’t Just Build Links, Build Trust!

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When it comes to link building and SEO, it is a fairly safe assumption to state that search engines are a bit leery when it comes to getting cozy with your content. That is in fact, until you run the gauntlet and emerge squeaky clean after a spell of due diligence.

SEO Site Architecture, Content, Traffic & Popularity

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Like anything, SEO is a tool that has it’s place in the grand scheme of things, sometimes you need a hammer, other times you need a screwdriver. So, essentially knowing how and when to employ SEO, can be more pertinent than that the defining motive of why. In order to keep the reading time brief, Read More

Static Pages vs. Dynamic Pages, Which is Better for SEO?

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From an SEO perspective there are essentially two types of sites. Sites that change (dynamic sites) and sites that do not (static HTML pages). With each type of site a unique optimization strategy is required. As an aspect of search engine optimization (streamlining your pages for high rankings) content development is often underestimated as a Read More

Internet Marketing: Conversion is More About the Message Than The Medium

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Definitions exist for the sake of creating continuity among the collective. You hear the term conversion being thrown around like a rag doll in internet marketing, but what does conversion truly entail. Aside from breaking it down to the point when a consumer clicks the buy now or purchase now button during checkout, things are Read More

Introducing – the WordPress Tweaks Plugin

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This article is guest-posted by WordPress Expert John Lamansky. Some WordPress SEO modifications are so simple that they just necessitate some tweaking instead of a full-blown plugin. My new WordPress Tweaks plugin adds a variety of additional options and settings to WordPress, including SEO tweaks.

Need a Boost in Search Engines? Try Adding Fresh Web Page Content!

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Are you writing enough content to keep your rankings from nodding off to sleep? The word around the water cooler is, Google, Yahoo, MSN are partial to fresh content. If it just so happens that you are squaring off against a proverbial keyword juggernaut in the SERPs, the least you can do it use a Read More

Universal Search – Organic Positioning and “The One Box”

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The golden achievement in organic search is the accomplishment of acquiring a “one box” in Google. The one box is when you conduct a search and the site in question has such an enormous amount of themed content that it returns the main URL with subcategories underneath it to provide searchers with an extended selection.

SEO Web Design – Design with Form, Function and Appeal

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SEO Web Design is the practice of integrating form and function with equal emphasis on search engine spiders and human visitors alike. One facet of SEO Web Design for example, deals specifically with increasing the crawl-ability of your content for search engine spiders by employing cascading style sheets instead of tables for layout and design. Read More

Keyword Optimization – “Selecting the Right Keywords for Battle”!

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Before you scream “charge” and run into battle without a game plan, you need to know what you are up against. Sites that occupy the top 10 spots in Google, Yahoo and MSN have one thing in common, lots of links, the proper mixture of on-page and off-page SEO and an added element of trust Read More

Link Development – Building 3 Links a Day Keeps the Competition at Bay!

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Depending on your link building and development strategy, finding the right link velocity (the rate in which you acquire or lose links) can determine how your pages rank respectively in search engines. Although the title may sound like a jingle, all clichés aside, building the ideal quantity and type of links each month to maintain Read More

Reciprocal Links, Cassettes, VCR’s – It’s Time to Let it Go!

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Let’s face it, some people are still stuck in the past. What I still find perplexing is the fact that to this day we are still getting [email protected] laden reciprocal link requests from other companies using the same generic cover letters. For those who still believe in off-topic links in hordes to improve search engine Read More

“User Engagement” – The Only Metric that Matters!

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As a result of the information age reaching unprecedented levels of exchange, creating a comfortable user experience is worth more exponentially in contrast to the means used to initially develop the traffic. With so many options and users suffering from information overload, user engagement is the cornerstone of developing a successful online brand. What value Read More