Courting Keywords – Targeting the “Most Important Keywords” for your Site.

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Before you leap into a hasty relationship with the wrong keywords, get cozy with your audience and try to place yourself in the mind of your ideal visitor to think how they would think and more importantly to search how they would search. Finding the top keywords for your niche may require many a few Read More

Reputation Management and Defending Your Brand

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As a business becomes more successful, the opportunity for having your reputation tarnished as a result of negative press increases. Exposure from a successful advertising or marketing campaign on one hand may breed market share and brand awareness for consumers, yet on the other hand, it may also breed jealousy and envy from the competition. Read More

WordPress SEO Tip: Implementing Theming and Siloing

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Our lead developer and resident WordPress Expert John Lamansky is back to share a powerful siloing technique for WordPress to maximize the impact of theming data and categories to have a greater impact in search engines. This is one of many other WordPress SEO Tips and is a follow up to 20 Practical SEO Tips Read More

Web Analytics & Website User Interaction – Stats Never Lie!

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Just like numbers, your stats never lie. It doesn’t really matter how you feel about it on a subjective level 4+4=8 and that’s all there is to it. If you’re not one to study your Web Analytics & Website User Interaction, here are a few reasons why you may wish to reconsider…

Reviving Old Content Can Increase Traffic & Link Popularity

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If you have a blog or a content management system, once you have built enough content there comes a time where you have so many gems you want to share (for those who may have missed it the first time around) that you can deep link to your older pages and resuscitate new life into Read More

Don’t Get Too Comfortable at the Top!

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With the advent of search evolution and new search technologies beckoning at the door of online business, one message that should be in the forefront of every businesses modus operandi for 2008 is “Don’t get Too Comfortable at the Top”. Resting on the laurels of yesteryear is a sure fire-method to find your “once relevant Read More

Search Behavior & Why Ranking Above the Fold Matters

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Search behavior ranges for each individual and the level of commitment and resolve a person exhibits when they embark on a search using a search engine is unique. Although the way we search is unique, based on the keywords and phrases we use, certain elements remain intact, such as the innate desire to click the Read More

Keyword Research and the Conquest to Create a Ranking Juggernaut!

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Keyword research represents the first critical step in your SEO campaign. In fact, it lays the foundation of future traffic and distinguishes how your pages will ultimately fare in the SERPs. Coupled with content creation and building links, this unstoppable trifecta embodies the characteristics of a bona fide SEO Ranking Juggernaut. Once your keywords gain Read More

Organic SEO and Low Hanging Fruit or PPC, Which is Better?

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Just like planting seeds Organic SEO as an internet marketing strategy requires patience, but the rewards when reaped are plentiful. Although organic optimization is not the first choice for many (depending on the brand and business model) organic search does have inherent benefits that are unparalleled by sponsored or paid advertising tactics.