SEO Link Building – How to Achieve Multiple Top 10 Rankings with the SEO Domino Effect!

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Ranking in the top 10 search results is accomplished frequently through building links from authority sites in conjunction with exceptional on-page factors. By understanding the premise of how and which links pass value, how they impact rankings and just how many are required to achieve the appropriate link velocity to rise in the SERPs, one Read More

Website Design – Designed for Traffic & Search

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Your website design is the first and possibly last thing your visitors will see when assessing your business. So, it is important to put your best foot forward and (a) create relevance for your content as well as (b) ensure that your pages are formatted properly. Sure, you can find information that pertains to specific Read More

Google Algorithm Update – Google Search Results are Running Lean

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Has Google Trimmed the Fat in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)? All indications at this point would suggest so. In case you haven’t noticed, roughly over the past week, Google search results have been a little leaner than usual. Terms that were once in the hundreds of millions for competing pages are now showing Read More

How to Increase Your Website Link Popularity

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Have you ever wondered how to increase your websites’ ranking and link popularity? If you want to appear in the lime light and attract a steady stream of unique visitors while having a website appealing enough to attract new visitors, you have to be savvy enough to market yourself, your product or your business with Read More

What You Write is What You Get! (The Laws of Website Traffic)

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Just like a magnet, with new content creation and SEO copy writing, the words you use cater to the audience you attract. As you know, all visitors are not created equal, some are window shoppers with an itchy trigger finger to bounce back to the SERPs to find a more suitable interest. Others are analysts Read More

Which Momentums Are You Building for Your Business?

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With Search Engine Optimization, momentum is everything. Which momentums are you establishing that define your business as a whole. Are you consistent in your marketing message? (or is it diffused) If you have a blog, do you post frequently on a schedule? (or just when you feel like it) What about building links (when you Read More

What’s Better than One Top 10 Search Engine Ranking?

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The answer is simple, two Top 10 search engine result pages (a double listing) on the same page. Have you ever wondered what the key is behind this ranking tactic? It’s no accident, in fact many companies are purposely attempting to garner the strategic advantage in search engines and have discovered that, if you tactfully Read More

Viral SEO and the Web 2.0 Revolution – The Rules Have Officially Changed!

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What started out as a research project on a competitor, erupted into a full blown epiphany on the fusion of viral marketing, article marketing, SEO, blogging and social media (complete with instructions after I finish a pending e-book about the topic). However, during the interim we can at least plant a few seeds to imply Read More

Search Trends and Weathering the Storm of Fluctuations in the SERPs

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I’m sure the last thing on your mind when your conducting a search query is just how many functions are lurking behind the scenes to deliver your search result. What is certain is that millions of variables, based on thousands of hours of theory, engineering, testing and research are all orchestrated through administrative algorithms to Read More

Titles and Tagging for SEO, Conversion & Relevance

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With search engine queries, link baiting, viral marketing and social media networks, curious surfers have a million and one ways to find or be found online. Titles and tagging are the new SEO, and keeping it short, sweet & relevant not only ensures that the right people find your content, but also they search engines Read More

There’s Nothing like Traffic, Traffic & More Web 2.0 Traffic.

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In a fast paced ever changing world, it appears that search engines may be losing the battle against the power of social media and it’s innate ability to drive traffic. With sites like StumbleUpon one article has the ability to deliver more traffic in one hour, than most websites get in one month. This phenomenon Read More