There’s Nothing like Traffic, Traffic & More Web 2.0 Traffic.

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In a fast paced ever changing world, it appears that search engines may be losing the battle against the power of social media and it’s innate ability to drive traffic. With sites like StumbleUpon one article has the ability to deliver more traffic in one hour, than most websites get in one month. This phenomenon Read More

Should You Build Links for Competitive Terms or the Long Tail?

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Should you build links for competitive vertical search terms or focus on less competitive keywords? Heads or tails? Sounds simple enough right? When it comes to link building, it just depends on your approach. Some say start with the top tier terms in the titles and tags and other argue to start at the long-tail Read More

SEO Web Design

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For anyone interested in SEO Web Design and SEO Web Design techniques. This informative article is for you. So much for the “veil of silence” that most SEO’s swore when they took the oath of secrecy to not divulge the innermost secrets of search engine placement (just kidding). We figured your going to find out Read More

When is Duplicate Content a Good Thing?

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I am sure the headline caught your attention. So often you hear the echoes of “the fear of duplicate content” making it’s rounds throughout the web. My first thought is, to give precedence to what is the main contributing factor that anyone would intentionally or unintentionally invoke a duplicate content filter.

Link Baiting, Viral Marketing & Creating a Web 2.0 Social Media Buzz

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Viral marketing is nothing new, but as all things SEO and web 2.0 it takes time to rise above the antiquated methods of the past from a traditional advertising perspective. As marketing modalities from yesteryear continue to fall by the wayside as obsolete, there are a few noteworthy trends in automation and viral marketing occurring Read More

Link Building – Achieving Stable Rankings through Link Velocity

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If you are involved in SEO, then you know that aside from content, it’s all about the links. Without SEO link building services to hit a wide array of websites, it’s almost as if nobody knows you exist. Acquire the wrong kind of links and they can actually hurt your rankings, acquire with the right Read More

Are you “Google Sighted” or Can You See the Big Picture of Search?

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A great deal can be said about not putting your eggs in one basket. Not that we all haven’t heard it all before though. But at the root of this message lies a fundamental wisdom that cannot be denied. Particularly in regard to search engine optimization.

SEO Target Marketing

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SEO Target Marketing and Finding Your Niche! It is important to find your target audience and cater to those prospects who have the greatest need or affinity with your products or services. Just like a bustling city, the online experience offers similar ways to be entertained. Just like you may encounter street entertainers performing feats Read More