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SEO Tips for the Google Mayday Algorithm Aftermath

If you spend as much time analyzing the SERPs (search engine result pages) as we do for the purpose of proactive SEO planning, you are bound to catch patterns or ranking anomalies which can provide insight into Google’s constantly evolving search engine algorithm. If a few or few dozen of your keywords got clipped since […]

Wrong Market, Wrong Keywords or SEO Strategy?

What happens if you target the wrong keywords, consumers or rely on a narrow traffic source instead of diversifying your website across multiple traffic sources? The answer, failure to grasp the true premise of internet marketing. Instead of confusing the impetus by using the wrong message on the wrong audience at the wrong time, realize […]

SEO, Syndication and Social Media

There are 3 nodes of relevance to integrate holistically into an internet marketing campaign to ensure a healthy, robust online presence; those nodes or rather prerequisites are SEO, Syndication and Social Media. While these nodes of relevance are interdependent, each works much like a stool with three legs, one without the other can only take […]

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