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Forget These 3 SEO Myths

Looking back at the state of SEO and I’ve seen allot since 1995 when I started doing it, there are often myths proliferated in the SEO space that for lack of better terms are better off silenced by empirical data but continue to propagate to ridiculous proportions. In this post, let’s look at 3 SEO […]

On Page vs. Off Page SEO

Just like the argument of which came first the chicken or the egg, in SEO circles, the question over which type of optimization (on page or off page SEO) is more important has echoed as a debate for years. While this post could easily tip in either direction, let’s set the table for the debate […]

Balancing Keyword Acquisition, SEO and Website Authority

A website replete with authority often overlooks the magnitude of what becomes possible as the site as a whole evolves. It’s like groveling for peanuts when you could have steak instead. Don’t squander your SEO on less competitive keywords as a long-term SEO strategy. The vision, scope and depth of optimization must evolve as your […]

Protect Your Rankings from SEO Penalties

There is a fine line between ethical SEO promotion, aggressive engagement and flagrant automation. Finding that balance for SEO is what differentiates websites that are impervious to penalties (since they are editorial resources) or those who shine bright from aggressive SEO techniques then fall from grace along with their rankings. What happens when someone pushes […]

SEO’s Get Schooled on LSI

Just like you do not have to understand the intricacies of an automobile in order to drive one, similarly you do not have to understand how a search engine works in order to optimize your website using SEO. Granted, trial and error often precedes breakthrough and with each failure one of two things occur. The […]

Cache Relapse: Did Google Rebuild their Index Right Under Our Nose?

For many of you who are SERP watchers (search engines result pages) involved in SEO, you may have noticed a cache relapse (showing results from weeks or months in the past) the last few days. Aside from seeing titles shifting about and new pages appearing in the SERPs, what does this mean to you? The […]

You Can’t Buy Credibility

You can buy links, you can buy domains, but let’s face it, you just can’t buy credibility. Credibility takes time, typically there is no way around it. You have to earn your stripes, and with SEO, actions speak louder than words. Time is an equation that alludes to authority and authority begets popularity. Sensing that […]

Search Engine Amnesia, Redundancy and Rediscovery

Have you ever strived to reach the pinnacle of a search term and for no reason it just disappeared? This is commonly known as the “Everflux” or “The Google Dance” in SEO. Although it can be a source of stress for many (as their rankings momentarily dip south on hiatus) why does it really happen […]

Google Page Rank Update – Use It or Lose It!

As many may have noticed, it’s that time of the year again for the thumbs up or thumbs down vote from the Google algorithm for websites across the nation. With spring finally making its debut in 2008, Google is conducing a bit of spring cleaning in their index with the most recent page rank update. […]

Reciprocal Links, Cassettes, VCR’s – It’s Time to Let it Go!

Let’s face it, some people are still stuck in the past. What I still find perplexing is the fact that to this day we are still getting sp@m laden reciprocal link requests from other companies using the same generic cover letters. For those who still believe in off-topic links in hordes to improve search engine […]

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