Search Engine Strategies That Work

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Properly assessing the competitive landscape from competitive blind spots (prior to entering an online market) can save you months of frustration. You should select keywords within your reach and create accommodating search engine optimization strategies based on relevance, scalability, feedback and ultimately ROI. Moving on Multiple Fronts I have noticed an SEO trend since the Read More

Comparing Google and Bing Demographics

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Google and Bing both are such large sites, first and eleventh respectively according to Alexa, that they attract a complete cross-section of the Web. However when you compare Bing’s audience to Google’s audience, you see some anomalies come up. Comparing Google and Bing Demographics Bing’s Audience is Older: Bing’s audience, compared to the Web at Read More

Search Engine Positioning: Consumers, Supply and Demand

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If you understand the psychology of supply and demand, search engine positioning and more importantly what consumers want, you can devour entire markets as a result of superior SEO and tactical strategic execution. What SEO can Do For Your Business The often aloof sense of causation that beckons consumers to spend is the driving force Read More