SEO Site Architecture, Content, Traffic & Popularity

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Like anything, SEO is a tool that has it’s place in the grand scheme of things, sometimes you need a hammer, other times you need a screwdriver. So, essentially knowing how and when to employ SEO, can be more pertinent than that the defining motive of why. In order to keep the reading time brief, Read More

Survival in the SERPs – “Surveying, Scouting & Defense”

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There is something about using distinct visual analogies to illustrate parallels between search engines (the jungle), traffic (information foragers), competition (predators) and survival in the algorithmic food chain. Just like a jungle, survival in the SERPs (search engine results pages) can be tricky. The uncertainty of search engine algorithms, the survival based impulses that by Read More

The World Wild Web – Bagging Wild Keywords and The Thrill of the Hunt!

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Nothing like the World Wild Web – Stalking your Prey and the Thrill of the Hunt… Just like a predator, the parallels between SEO, hunting keywords and hapless animals falling prey to the food chain while grazing wild in the safari are too common to be ignored. Despite the concept being a disturbing thought, the Read More

Are You a Search Engine VIP?

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Want to rank like a Search Engine V.I.P? Then you need to dress up your content and link popularity to get your name on the (Top 10) list. Although quality, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. Search engines are algorithmic and only do as they are told to maintain the quality of Read More

3 Imperative Search Engine Ranking Factors

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Never discount the power of titles, links or content for procuring a high ranking search engine position. More importantly, their numeric equivalents and ratios that impact search algorithms. For those unfamiliar with the fundamental building blocks of on page and off page SEO, each of the following components have a profound influence on how search Read More

Web Analytics & Website User Interaction – Stats Never Lie!

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Just like numbers, your stats never lie. It doesn’t really matter how you feel about it on a subjective level 4+4=8 and that’s all there is to it. If you’re not one to study your Web Analytics & Website User Interaction, here are a few reasons why you may wish to reconsider…

Keyword Research and the Conquest to Create a Ranking Juggernaut!

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Keyword research represents the first critical step in your SEO campaign. In fact, it lays the foundation of future traffic and distinguishes how your pages will ultimately fare in the SERPs. Coupled with content creation and building links, this unstoppable trifecta embodies the characteristics of a bona fide SEO Ranking Juggernaut. Once your keywords gain Read More

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

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This post is for individuals genuinely interested in the subject of search engine optimization, that are unfamiliar with the fundamentals or the jargon used in the SEO industry. Although a more seasoned reader may find this information passe, please note that everyone has to start somewhere. Now more than ever, small business owners (who need Read More

The Top 50 Sites that Receive Traffic from the Term SEO

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Talk about a belated Christmas gift. It turns out that Seo Design Solutions made the top 50 websites for traffic from the keyword SEO according to You’ve got to love Google Blog Search. A great service that has the ability to set up alerts and monitor any time someone so much as mentions your Read More

Important SEO Factors for Achieving Higher Rankings

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Search engine optimization and it’s application is just as much an art as much as a science. The scientific aspects are things like meta tags, h1-h6, the meta description, internal links, .htaccess files, robots.txt files, keyword density and the like. The artistic side of SEO (in my opinion) is the method in which one applies Read More

Google Algorithm Update – Google Search Results are Running Lean

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Has Google Trimmed the Fat in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)? All indications at this point would suggest so. In case you haven’t noticed, roughly over the past week, Google search results have been a little leaner than usual. Terms that were once in the hundreds of millions for competing pages are now showing Read More