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Have you caught a glimpse of the new Google Webmaster Tools Click Through Statistics? Finally a diagnostic tool you can appreciate. Just their way of saying, “hey, how ya doing”…and reminding the other search engines why they run things.

Just visit the Top Search Queries Section, and instead of a drab table, you have percentages of your highest trafficked keywords, their respective popularity and the ability to extract new keywords from the stats you may not have considered. Two thumbs way up on this one.

To say that competition is at an all-time high amongst online businesses is an understatement. Any tool giving you a slight advantage (by way of metrics or analytics) is worthy of noting. If your involved in Search Engine Optimization, having access to how your customers are finding you available within seconds 24 hours a day is not just a good thing, it’s a great thing.

Hat’s off to the Google Team. We know that actual humans do work there after all, robots (including the Google-Bot) are style-blind. So, whoever upped the ante had a point to prove. With Yahoo and their new look, and MSN and it’s new and improved intelligent search capabilities, I wonder what is next to tip the horizons of search. Stay tuned as The (Google, Yahoo, MSN) Trifecta Saga continues…

You never know, if things keep picking up at this rate, we could just wind up getting the much anticipated Google Page Rank Update before Christmas! 

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