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Ever wondered why Seo Websites Rank Higher? It is no surprise when you think about it. The only difference between Seo Websites and a regular website is usually (a) thoughtful planning and (b) attention to detail such as word density, code, content and links.

Having a clear cut objective for each page in your website is of the utmost importance and for more reasons that one. I know many of you may have heard of duplicate content, this is essentially the case when several pages within your site have the same or a high percentage of content that resembles other pages. Not only does this make it more difficult for each of your pages (to stand on their own legs) since they are essentially fighting each other in the SERPs, but it can devalue the entire content of the site.

One way to remedy this is to select the page with the highest significance by using a simple command such as “keywords” by using this command, the search engine in question will let you know which of your pages have the highest relevance for that keyword. They are listed in order of importance so, if you see several, then place links on the lower ranked pages to the highest using the keywords as the link in the anchor text.

Another method is to delete the pages or use no index tags in the meta tags to give the valuable link juice back to the main pages of your website. Aside from the elements of tags and keyword density, content and links are the main contributing factors that determine rankings for your pages.

Keeping the title on topic and using your main keywords first never hurts, try to use the main keywords in a legible sentence as well in the description of the page, the closer you are to using exact match terms in the description, the higher you will rank for those terms when all of the variables such as off page links, in title, in anchor (the links) or in text (the content of the pages) is the criteria the search engine is using to determine where your web page ranks in comparison to the other millions of competing pages.

Also note, to find the true competitiveness of a key phrase, enclose it in quotes and look for how many pages are actually competing for that term. Instead of making the assumption that there are 50 million pages competing for a high ranking key phrase, you may find in fact that the exact match phrases only has a few thousand competing pages. In which case, a revision or creation of new content using a keyword research tool to determine a key phrase with decent search engine traffic and visibility and a low number of pages competing directly for the term, can mean that with a few tweaks of the title, the description and adding a few off page links, can land you in the top 10 for that term.

Naturally there is more to this as over 200 known variables can affect how your website ranks, but understanding that Seo Websites are sites with applied fundamentals of Seo Technology and are based on trial, error and experimentation.

Each page in your site has a different barrier to entry in regard to specific keywords. Finding the right tail to pin on the donkey so to speak is what the doctor ordered. So in case your trying to find what your pages are telling the search engines they would like to rank for, you can use this useful tool from Seo Quake called SEO Digger to find keywords and key phrases you may not have considered.

I hope you found this information useful amidst the thousands of pages about SEO circulating on the web. If you like it link it, to get the word out. Otherwise stay tuned for additional Seo Web Design tips and tactics from Seo Design Solutions. 

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