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I couldn’t help but notice today that Yahoo has a new look. Note how at the bottom of the page instead of the throwback next symbol there is a sleek new MSN-ish, interface. Not to mention they threw in a nice new bold query suggestion box that features a tab just underneath the search box that you can click which opens a control panel with a series of alternate search suggestions with fluid and intuitive navigation. Leave it open and the suggestion feature populates variations based on “word stemming” or popular search queries. Nice move indeed.

It seems that the ping-pong match is on for the trifecta shake out in search between the obvious Google and Yahoo & MSN, but who comes out on top, remains to be seen. As we know, the power of selection is the deciding factor, will Google finally give us the page rank update, so we can just move on and at least have that all too familiar green bar, give us an early Christmas present? or will it fade into obscurity? So many story lines with customer loyalty on the brink of curiosity.

See for yourself, take it for a spin… Is Yahoo making a dominant move to take back the lion share of search? I am glad to see the update fared well. Note our previous post from nearly a week ago when the infrastructure from what the end user could see was displaying mass anomalies reported all throughout the web. Was it worth it Yahoo? I would have to say yes, and congratulations on the new face of Yahoo Search, it is truly a step in the right direction, and people do notice. 

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