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Is it just me or is Yahoo Search displaying Schizophrenic results?

One search for Seo Web Design for example resulted in “We had temporary problems searching for web pages. Search again for seo web design or type a new query above”. Another brought up an entirely unrelated topic, who knows what is next when updates like this run amuck. Learning to take a deep breathe as the kinks get worked out is the first step, not making too many assumptions is the next. We have to face it, SEO at times is like predicting the weather, you can have all of the probability in the word and all it takes is on bug to throw everything off.

At this point, the only expert opinion you will probably see in regard to this phenomenon is “we are observing such anomalies and refrain from comments until more conclusive data can be aggregated”. Which is a fancy roundabout way of saying who the heck knows. Call it the fear of the unknown or just patience and observance as search engine optimization is helplessly dependent and intricately woven in understanding the impact of search engine updates and how to effectively revise your optimization efforts to have the greatest impact.

I can only imagine the number of engineers at Yahoo sitting on pins and needles right now (submitting their resumes to Hopefully it wasn’t a mistake to push an update for the infrastructure without testing the ramifications first. This of course is all speculation at this point, but it’s not as if you can just pull the plug and risk the network going down in it’s entirety. I look forward to seeing all of the feedback on this from the leading authorities in SEO later in the day, in the meantime, fasten your seat belts and if you are looking for stability in search, you may want to give Yahoo a bit of a break, that is, until their code gets sorted out.

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