Create Content With Purpose!

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Today’s topic is creating content with purpose (adding fresh content on your website) which serves a dual purpose for SEO and user engagement. Both are equally important and necessary in the grand scheme of the evolution of your website. Create Content With Purpose The first short-term purpose is to generate a surge of present-tense traffic. Read More

The Problem with SEO Advice

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The thing about SEO that remains the same is its always changing; and keeping in sync with those changes is a full-time responsibility. In rare instances, will you find a company that (a) understands SEO and knows what they are doing and (b) shares it freely with others without a stipulation, hook or fee. Are Read More

Back to SEO Basics

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Mapping out continuity for on page and off page SEO is a must. This means using consistent links, naming conventions, tags and Allintitle, Allintext and Allinanchor thresholds to solidify and synchronize ranking objectives. Back to SEO Basics Toppling a competitive keyword means understanding the balance of (1) on page term frequency (how weighted the keywords Read More

SEO Your Title Tags

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The power of a good title can make or break subsequent SEO efforts. With millions of pages being added each day, user agents *a.k.a web crawlers or search engine spiders have their hands full keeping tabs on what’s hot and what’s not. To increase rankings and relevance, you should SEO your title tags on each Read More

The Triad of SEO, Traffic and Conversion

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Unless you want to be upstaged by a competitor with the total package (attractive website, useful content, great rankings and a conversion rate above 15%), then you must see past SEO and search engine traffic as “the holy grail of internet marketing” and focus equally on conversion and conversion optimization to transform traffic into customers. Read More