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SEO CopywritingBuilding a genuine presence online using SEO is a task that involves multiple areas of expertise. One component most often overlooked by clients is the value of unique and original content as a component of search engine optimization.
The Value of SEO Copywriting and Original Content Creation, By SEO Design Solutions
Content can serve as an apex (a crowning achievement) or a pivotal fulcrum to entice humans or search engine spiders alike. Each word and each page represents another brick in the wall that can support an ever expansive framework to attract readers or proclaim expertise on the subject matter.

Tips to Tip the Scale:

If you start with a great (keyword-rich or aged) domain name, produce an abundance of related / themed content and link each relevant phrase to a more informative topic(much like Wikipedia). This type of information architecture will eventually mature into an authority site if augmented by the right type of inbound links from other sites.

The underlying message is, create quality content and based on the merit of it, you will attract links from those in the respected industry you are attempting to leave your mark. The days of the “me too site” dominating search results with a who we are, what we do and product/services page are winding down.

Website authority is the crowning achievement and search volume and number of competing pages (per query) is the benchmark. One way to crack the top search results is to encompasses your topic (like a library of information) for the topic you wish to rank. If you have a more aggressive industry, then your work is cut out for you.

Internal Link Optimization:

Since you will not have time to go our an attract hundreds of thousands of links from other sources, you just have to build your own links with internal linking.

Search engines view internal links much in the same way they view external links (as links). Hence, if you have off topic anchor text like “click here”, long arrays of characters (like using 5-6 words as a link), or no decipherable linking structure from one page to the next, then how can you expect search engines to grade and assign value to certain preferred keywords over others.

What you write and how you link to your own content matters. Each page must own a focus as well as each page has a specific link profile and chronology or how it fits into the grand scheme of your websites purpose. Is it a landing page, is it an informative page, is is well connected to the root folder? Does it have sufficient inbound links? (with anchor text for the topic it embraces). Search engines pay attention to this, and so should you if you want to appease them.

The less you rely on other sites to provide rankings the better. It is far easier to create a self sufficient SEO site using time released original content and promoting a natural link profile, than trying to bluff your way to the top with over inflated external links and leaks in your code, shabby content and site architecture.

The value of original content resounds throughout the web by heralding websites which are true to their cause as authority sites. As an authority, just like a VIP, the days of waiting in line are over. Website authority is the objective and once gained, you have the benefit of having your content spidered in minutes rather than days.

If you truly understand the implications of this feat alone, the concept would change the way SEO is conceived and executed. Although this is a side-benefit. The more frequently your pages are indexed, the more content your site provides search engines to funneling exact and broad match traffic back to your pages.

If you also understand that as content ages, as long as it is supported by a healthy influx of link weight, that each page becomes self sufficient over time (45-90 days) and gains trust and can rank on its own in search engines.

The value of having dozens, hundreds or thousands of pages pulling their own weight and creating buoyancy for the main domain become apparent as a long-term SEO strategy,

The desire to skip the formalities involved when attempting to scale your competition on the way to the top 10 search results must be suppressed. On the contrary, instead of looking only at link building and at links as the solution, strategic content copy writing and internal linking and link optimization have a much higher priority to revised algorithms.

Avoid mimicking content from other sites or borrowing their key phrases in exact match. Shingle analysis can determine who wrote what first, so, better not to incur duplicate content penalties (from your own site or template) or from other sites when developing an authority site.

Although developing an authority site is not easy (our fees start at $25K), the long term benefits of building a site properly from the onset, populating it with unique and original compelling content on the topic and building links over time that stand the test of time, is truly the new face of SEO.

Flash in the pan link building, relying on dated content or trying to make an old site rank like a champ without remapping the link flow or missing the boat when it comes to how content is the greatest asset as website has is the bottom line.

Each page represents a new opportunity to quench the thirst of someone seeking more information on the subject. Sure, you can still have landing pages too (just link to them from informative pages), but by giving, you receive.

Just remember that search engines are transparent in their purpose, their objective is quality control, policing who gets in and who stays in the index by using metrics of quality and intrinsic value. The sites rank at the helm of search engines are their because they have paid their dues (through quality content, age and trust) and those who are rising stars are there because they understand this powerful new metric.

So, unless you want to be passed on the way up (like yesterdays news) you have better stay busy developing topical relevance for your pages. To ensure that when search engine spiders take their next sweep of the index, that your pages make the grade.

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